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sudden heel pain- Dr. Z

Posted by Dee on 8/15/03 at 20:09 (127075)

I had (have pf) for several years and have gone thru the torture and torment of the excruciating pain several times. Since I got a desk job and got off my feet almost 2 years ago, they kept getting better and better. I haven't had any flare ups. I wear Klogs and Birkenstocks. Last week, I stepped back on a wadded up towel in the bathroom floor (barefoot)and pain shot thru my heel and only my heel. It felt as if I had stepped on a piece of gravel. It hurt really bad and now my heel has been doing the same thing every day or two. I can be walking along, no pain, step the wrong way or put too much weight on the heel and I get that step on a pebble feel again.
My question is - if all the drs I have been to keep telling me the heel spur itself is not causing the pain when I step on it wrong or whatever, how come it only hurts in the one spot where the heel spur is? I haven't had any plantar fascia pain in months. No morning pain, etc. I still feel like if just the heel spur itself was removed, wouldn't I not have that particular pain anymore? Am I making any sense?

Re: sudden heel pain- Dr. Z

Dr. Z on 8/15/03 at 20:42 (127076)

What treatments have you have for your heel pain? In most cases the plantar fascia is damaged or injured and this is why you have the pain . The spur or calcification is from the traction injury to the plantar fascia. The body will lay down bone in the area where the pf is injured or inflamed. If the spur was causing the pain it should hurt every step you take. I have seen cases after pf release where the pain was still there and then I went back and removed the bone. The foot become pain free. So it is possible

Re: sudden heel pain- Dr. Z

Dee on 8/15/03 at 21:28 (127084)

Thanks for answering so quickly. I am 5'4' 170 lb. I'm 50 years old. For almost a year, I went to an orthopedic surgeon, had xrays and a cat scan of my right foot (it's my right one that I stepped back on). I wore a walking cast for 6 weeks which helped a bunch. I received several cortisone injections which helped for a few weeks at a time. Took vioxx, ultram, darvocet, ibuprofen. Finally, the OS said he couldn't do any more for me and I would have to learn to live with the pain. He refused to do surgery because he said it could cause other problems - hammer toe, foot drop, etc. Showed me his book that didn't recommend surgery for PF. I also have arthritis in my feet(that's what a second OS in another town told me). I have bunions that flare up from time to time. My feet are a mess aren't they?!

I bid on the desk job at work and got it. That helped more than anything I guess. I go to a new podiatrist next week for another problem - bone spur on end of big toe and maybe on little toe, remove remnants of toenails. He also didn't recommend surgery for the PF. The only local podiatrist we had came in once a week and every time he worked on my feet,removing toenails,and the bone spur on my big toe, I ended up with an infection. So now I will go to one an hour's drive from home.

I will talk to him about the heel spur but wanted another take on it. This unexpected sharp pain is very aggravating.

Re: sudden heel pain- Dr. Z

Dr. Z on 8/16/03 at 08:46 (127111)

Let see what the new podiatrist tells you. You need a complete foot and lower extremity examination to evaluation your feet, knees, hips and lower back.