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Today is a bad day for me

Posted by Kathy G on 8/17/03 at 09:07 (127179)

I tripped over a stone that had come out of stone walkway at my sister-in-law's lake house on Friday. I thought I hurt my lower back but it didn't seem that bad as the day went on. Yesterday, I wore the shoes that I'm wearing to my son's wedding, in a month, for about an hour. They didn't hurt that much.

Last night, I went shopping because I wanted to see what was out there for making invitations for the rehearsal dinner. I also just wanted to walk because I was in one of my moods where I felt that I had to move. I just miss moving so much. Sometimes I just feel like I'm going to die a young death because articles about the importance of exercise seem to be everywhere these days and I can't do any of it. I mean, I get positively obsessed with the idea that I used to exercise on a regular basis and do so much and now I don't. Heck, on my active days, I don't do half what I used to do. So I parked far from the mall and I walked quite a bit.

Well, today, my back hurts so much I can't believe it. My feet ache in every possible place they can ache. The used night splint that I ordered from Scott doesn't seem to do anything but make the arch of my foot sting. I feel lousy.

I'm having a really bad day. Oh, and I watched football last night. Let's see, was I humoring my husband by doing that? Nope, guess not since when he came home from work, I already had the game on. Do any of you really care? Probably not. ;)

I'm going to start a fantasy football team once I take a hot shower and stretch. The idea of going to the supermarket and getting blueberries and raspberries, which I'd hoped to do, seems about as possible as my taking a trip to Mars. Speaking of which, have you all seen it? It's kind of neat. I keep expecting to see little green men running around the surface.

So, that's my day in a nutshell. I feel better already. I refuse to bore my family with this and you're the only people who can possibly understand how I feel.

Thank you!

Re: Today is a bad day for me

Suzanne D on 8/17/03 at 11:31 (127185)

I DO care, Kathy! And I'm sorry. I'm madly rushing now; just came home to get my fried chicken, etc. that I made this morning for our church dinner taking place momentarily.

The computer was still on so I checked in quickly and saw your post. I hope you feel better SOON. I know the pressure you're experiencing right now with the wedding a month away and how discouraging a set-back is at this time.

Do take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: Today is a bad day for me

john h on 8/17/03 at 12:38 (127190)

I totally understand Kathy since my recent encounter with the cat and broke toe. At the same time I did strain my back and the next day it was a toss up which hurt worse. It took a couple of weeks for my back to get better. When I went down I caught myself on the ground with my hand which caused a neck and back strain.Some days just suck. Time seems to make things better in most cases so just remember tomorrow nearly always comes.

Re: Today is a bad day for me

BrianG on 8/17/03 at 20:05 (127201)

Hi Kathy,

If your like me, you'll probably put off going to the doc, hoping your back will get better on it's own. Hell, John's finally did, hahaaa. The times when I've hurt my back, and went to the doc, I was given a muscle relaxant, which helped the muscles to get back to their original position. I really think they helped me to heal more quickly. Might be something to think about.

Good luck

Re: Today is a bad day for me

Dorothy on 8/18/03 at 11:38 (127222)

Kathy G. ~
Before I leave the Social Support section, I did want to say that I hope you are recovering from your fall and increased back and foot pain. I'm sorry that you have this to deal with. As one who has had back troubles off and on for a number of years after back injuries but have been in pretty good shape with that in very most recent years(knock on wood!), I have a lot of experience and have done a lot of research into matters of the back.In a word, I have tried it all - almost (no surgery and very little medical intervention at all) Since you said you were going to take a hot shower and stretch, it sounds like you have good information yourself. You probably already know that all the research and back information says that good back exercises are the best key to recovery from back injury/back pain. It is the hardest thing to do when every move seems to be unbearable, but it IS the way to getting better. You can even find good exercises illustrated online by doing a search (google for example) on 'spine' or 'back pain' or 'back exercises' and other related searches. As far as medicines, I think most people would try a gentler route before considering muscle relaxants. Many people think Advil is often useful for muscle injury. I have had very high-dose Ibuprofen but those carry significant risk to health and I did not like to use them beyond an initial very acute phase. It did help at that stage, however. Anti-inflammatories, as gentle as can be found and be effective, are what to consider so as to enable you to do some gentle and progressively strengthening and stretching back exercises as well as walking. A couple of years ago there were some good studies that showed that the herbal white willow (the plant from which the precursors to aspirin come) was particularly effective for back pain and is gentle on the body. Heat, ice, specific back exercises, keep moving, keep the blood flow going through the injured areas - unless you have concerns that you broke bones or anything like that in your fall. Even though you were in a lot of pain after your walk, after your fall, the walk may have been a good thing to do and you might have been in the same or worse pain even without the walk. Don't despair, Kathy G. It's a setback not a knockout.
Be kind to yourself. I wish you well. It will all get better and you will find the ways to help yourself feel better. Best wishes ~

Re: For Kathy

Sharon W on 8/18/03 at 11:41 (127223)


At the risk of being redundant -- I understand where you're coming from. Sometimes the craving for 'normal' activities, wanting to do the things you used to do before foot pain, becomes quite overwhelming. My favorite exercise has always been walking, or hiking. My second favorite form of exercise -- if it was to hot or cold or wet to be outside, was the treadmill... Now I have to find other ways to exercise, ways that I just don't enjoy as much. I miss spending the afternoon mall shopping with my girls. I miss going for long walks with my husband... But these days a trip to WallMart is a rather long hike for me!

And any time I'm in pain and I feel that I've done something to trigger it, it's kind of a 'double whammy' -- I suffer not just the pain itself (which would be bad enough!) but the self-recriminations as well. And I know that if I complain to my family about it, they may turn around, quite rationally, and say, 'Then why were you on your feet so much yesterday?' So, I figure I have to 'suffer in silence'... which is even worse!!

Ugh. Yeah, we all have those days... I hope today is a much better one for you, Kathy!


Re: Today is a bad day for me

Sharon W on 8/18/03 at 11:47 (127224)


Thanks for the tip about herbal white willow! I hadn't heard that one. I'll remember it...


Re: Today is a bad day for me

john h on 8/18/03 at 12:34 (127231)

Brian true enough my feet have been much better for the past few weeks but after 8 years I know better than to think I have reached some Nirvana. It is going to be 100 plus in Little Rock today with the heat index abouve 110 and humid. Reminds me of Vietnam if it would just rain every few hours. What are you doing that you are proud of these days? I was at the Dermatologist this morning to have a blemish (I am afraid to say men are vain) removed from my face. Anyway I will look better than a large mouth bass by next week.

Re: For Kathy

Pam S. on 8/18/03 at 17:03 (127251)

Dear Kathy:
Oh gee, I am so sorry to read your post that you had a bad day yesterday. I just hate when I have THOSE days. We have enough tough stuff to deal with without injuring ourselves. I hope the back pain is better today as well as the foot pain. You sound like such an upbeat person, try not to let this get you too depressed. Stretching is the smartest thing you can do especially after you get out of the bath or shower.

I know how you feel about exercise. Have you tried swimming?I personally do not like it but many do. It is certainly great exercise. Also, a yoga class would be great for you and it is better exercise than people realize. It would totally help you with stress especially with this big wedding coming up. Where did you find comfortable shoes?

Did you call your dr? Let us know how you feel today.

Forget getting much sympathy at home. You have all of our shoulders to cry on. All of us truly UNDERSTAND. Warmly, Pam

Re: A message to all ---will suffice until my Broadband comes back!

Kathy G on 8/19/03 at 16:13 (127314)

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you all for your kind suggestions and the sympathy! Actually, my husband is wonderful and I have no complaints; but somehow it makes it easier to whine to those who have experienced my frustration!

I went to the Chiropractor, bless him, and I feel much better. On Sunday night, it occurred to me that maybe the back pain was not from the fall, or rather stumble, I took. After all, I was OK on Saturday. I wondered if it could have been wearing those new shoes for the wedding! As I was lying on the table, and he was rubbing my back, I was telling him my tale of woe when he asked if I'd been wearing any different shoes. I hadn't even gotten around to telling him that yet! He said what he was feeling was very consistent with what he sees in many people in the Fall, when they have to change shoe types, and in the Spring, for the same reason. I told you he was a smart guy! And to think I never had to let anybody know what a klutz I was falling over that stone! Everyone assured me that it shouldn't have been there but they were all kind enough not to mention that I was the only one who'd managed to fall over it!

So, while my back's not 100%, it's getting there. He said that I had messed it up (not his words) more than most people do from changing shoes but that's kind of the way my body is. I am taking muscle relaxants, Steve. For the short-term, they seem to be a necessity.

My feet are another story and I am firmly convinced that it's due to wearing those shoes, along with having to stay still for the dressmaker to set my hem yesterday. It took her about twenty minutes and that's a long time to stand! I'm going to have to wear my old Joseph Siebels to the wedding, and change into my Birks when necessary. I figure it's fine. No one is going to look at the mother of the groom anyhow!

I won't be signing on for a while. We are having trouble with our Broadband and Verizon is going to work on it. The tech at AOL told me that if they check and you're on line, they assume the problem is fixed and they won't continue to check it. What a pain! It's so funny how accustomed we've become to having speedy access to the internet!

I'll check in, hopefully, in 36-48 hours, which is how long it may take! Gosh, thank goodness I'll still have my computer. I'd be lost without it! What did I do in the old days?

Re: A message to all ---will suffice until my Broadband comes back!

Peter R on 8/20/03 at 07:57 (127370)

Everybody I have contact with who uses Verizon DSL has terrible problems- If you have the chance to switch to cable service that would be a better choice.
Add AOL to the mix and you've got 2x trouble. AOL's browser will crash if your system resources drop too low.