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Posted by john h on 8/18/03 at 17:07 (127252)

great full page article on Pilates in USA this Monday. seems this may be one of the ultimate stretching programs. some of the NFL teams are now putting the equipment and instructors in their camps. one pro golfer who had back surgery and was having a auful time with his back is back on tour and feeling great. some of the big 300lb nfl linemen say they feel as loose as a goose. article indicates it takes about 10 sessions before you start to notice anything. after 20 you can really notice a difference and after 30 you are fit. i think 3 sessions a week are recommended. i know nothing about pilates other than I see a lot of ladies involved in one on one sessions at the club. i read that male athletes generally have the opinion no pain no gain or if you do not sweat you are not doing any good but now are recognizing the benefits. Curt Shilling was on the program all las summer and he is having a great year at around 37 year old. also read about a guy with a broke ankle who used pilates in his recovery so i guess this system truly works the entire body. by the way pilates is the name of the guy or girl who invented it.

Re: Pilates

Kathy G on 8/20/03 at 09:03 (127377)

My daughter tried a Pilates course at school but she was bored. I don't think she was truly motivated!;)

I brought home a tape from the library and tried it and couldn't move for two weeks! I was motivated by obviously doing something wrong! I've often thought I should try one of the courses. It's like Julie used to say; you need an instructor to show you how to do it correctly; a tape won't help you with the basics.

It's true; the reports on it are astounding. So many professional athletes use it and many of the Hollywood celebrities swear by it.

Re: Pilates - correction to above

Kathy G on 8/20/03 at 09:04 (127378)

I meant to say motivated BUT obviously doing something wrong! My fingers aren't connected to my brain today!