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drs today!!!

Posted by stella on 8/18/03 at 20:55 (127267)

Ok well first thing is my appt was at 245 he didnt even see me til 530 thats always a nice thing waiting 3 hours haha ... He said that it shouldnt be taking this long and the numbness is bad ha ha duh! So he gave me a shot i hate it right in the scar area of cortizone or some steriod and i have to stay off of it lay in bed he says another 2 weeks only to get up to go to the bathroom and that. As far as my boot he said no just keep the compression sock on it and then wrapit in a ace bandage. I did get a script for ultram 25 bucks not bad. I do have a severe headache now but thats a side affect i read. So thats the news on me :( No good!! I told him i cant put any weight on it. But i guess in 2 weeks i will have to start using a shoe??? who knows bye

Re: drs today!!!

BevN. on 8/21/03 at 08:16 (127511)


How are you doing today , Stella? I hope you are doing better. I found another site you can check for Patient Assistance Programs at
http://www.phrma.org/pap . I hope that it will help you :) Bev