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Posted by Rich H on 8/19/03 at 13:20 (127306)

After surgery on both fet for Morton's neuroma I started to have pain in both feet over all areas of the feet. I have planter fasciitis and tarsal
tunnel syndrome with the secondary nerve compression abou 4' above the ankle. My doctor prescribed neurontin and diclofenac sod. After the first pills I noticed a definite improvement in both feet. After working up to the dose of 3 (300mg) capsules of neurontin and the prescribed dose of 2 diclofenac sod (75mg) tablets per day my feet feel better now than they have for 14 months. It seems to be heading in the direction of normal.


Sharon W on 8/21/03 at 23:18 (127614)


It's always great to hear an encouraging post from someone starting to feel better! Please keep us posted on your progress.