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scared to start running

Posted by JJ on 8/19/03 at 16:36 (127328)

Any doctors out there that are middle distance runners? I run...or ran 30 miles a week until PF struck in July. My heel feels ok now. I wear the night splint and am doing other activities such as aqua running and swimming. Recently I have been doing the cybex bikes...the foot doc said it would not hurt my foot, and I am soooo sick of the pool right now. Anyway, like I said, my heel feels ok and only really hurts to the touch right in the classic PF location. Well, and it does tingle sometimes and is a bit sore off and on if I think about it too much, but no real PAIN. Anyway, when can I start running? The docotr was very vague and just said that my running was excessive and he would not run on a heel like mine...big help. He also said my old orthodics are too rigid. I am not being fitted for new orthodics until next month, and there are some half marathons this fall that I REALLY want to start training for, but I am scared to start running. Would an arch support help for when I run? Wo9uld a cortizone (spelling?) shot in the PF location help heal it faster? Any advice out there?

Re: scared to start running

kay on 8/20/03 at 13:10 (127409)

Don't run. I was a walker and I am nearly crippled with pain now. It is not being helped no matter what I do. All I can do is sit and look at the computer or tv. I hate it. Protect your feet......don't run.

Re: scared to start running

JJ on 8/20/03 at 15:21 (127420)

Thanks for your warning. I will run again...eventually because I am willing to wait it out and let it heal. I was just wondering if a sports doctor was on line who could give me input as to how I know it is healed. the foot doc that I went to is not athletic nor seemed trained to deal with people like me.

Re: scared to start running

dr ben pearl on 8/21/03 at 22:13 (127604)

I start patients who are improved enough on grass flat surfaces 1st.

Re: scared to start running

JJ on 8/22/03 at 13:21 (127673)

Thanks. I ran 2 miles on the grass...flat, and it is a little tender to the touch,but not when I walk or run. Should I wait until it isn't tender to the touch before trying more mileage on harder surfaces or what ? I like the idea of the flat grass to start back with. Would an arch support brace help?