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PF/heel spurs: Unfamiliar sighting at heel(s)

Posted by Elizabeth M. on 8/21/03 at 08:12 (127509)

I have a friend who is experiencing pain that I believed to be
Plantar Fascitis. She does have a desk job, she is NOT overweight,
and the symtoms of pain (worse in the morning) began about 6 months
ago. The pain is felt in both feet (R heel >Left)and if my memory serves
correctly, is medial on both heels. There is a direct source of pain
upon touch--and when I stretched the fascia a bit with my fingers, I noticed about 3-4 whitish looking VERY slightly raised 'bumps' just
below the serface of the skin. It is a very subtle apperance, and don't think it would be readily seen without examing closely.
When I touched this area lightly, she stated the pain was very great in
that specific sight alone. This had me a little confused. Could anyone shed any light on this?? I do appreciate your help.

Re: PF/heel spurs: Unfamiliar sighting at heel(s)

BGCPed on 8/23/03 at 12:49 (127756)

One of the things you can have along the pf medial aspect is a fibroma(s) Sometimes they are removed, sometimes not. They can also come back bigger than they were before the surgery. Sometimes we make orthotics that have areas relieved for the fibroma. Some Dr remove them some will leave them be if they dont hurt toomuch and can be relieved with shoes and or inserts