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ve had Pf for two years---please help

Posted by Kristie R. on 8/21/03 at 11:48 (127518)

I don't think I've ever been this sad. I want my life back. I'm so tired sitting here in the house all day long with nothing to look forward to but when the mail comes. All I do is sit in this house waiting for something that never comes; Getting better.

I don't know what to do anymore to get better: I've gone to seven doctors, had three sets of orthics made, gone to PT since last year -two or three times a week, took a three week disability from work last year at sat on the couch the entire time, spent a ton of money on a chiropractor that didn't work, have been seeing another chiropractor that makes life a littlie more livable, have taken a ton of drugs--pain and anti inflamatroty, have had electric shock wave theraphy and sat on the couch for four weeks hoping it would work. The electric shock wave thereaphy didn't work and now I have tendonittis of the achillis.

All this have gotten me is poor and depressed. I want to know what can I do to get rid of this pain. I so want my life back.

Somebody please help me,


Re: ve had Pf for two years---please help

JudyS on 8/21/03 at 12:15 (127524)

Kristie - wow, what a boatload of angst you have sitting on your shoulders! And understandably so. Most of us have been exactly where you are so you are at least in the right place.
I get the feeling that the one thing you've completely lost touch with is a sense of control. Because many of us have felt exactly the same way at one time or another let me urge you to consider that one thing before all else.
You've obviously done everything that every doctor has told you to do. Now perhaps it's time for you to regain a sense of power over your feet.

First, the pain won't go away quickly - but it will, in all likelihood go away in small increments over time if YOU take charge and you feel in charge.
Believe it or not, all that sitting may not be the best thing for you to do. Yes, it gets you off your sore feet at appropriate moments, but too much of it weakens your feet and lower-leg muscles, plus your feet stiffen up. You actually do need to use your feet to some degree to stay strong and to keep blood flow going. How, you may ask?
See if you can define small accomplishments through your day. Perhaps just walking to your mailbox twice a day. Perhaps just cleaning the bathroom. Perhaps just making a nice dinner. After each goal, you sit down for awhile. What 'rest' really means is to not overdo. I was a runner and a ballplayer - that was overdoing. Shopping for an hour instead of twenty minutes is overdoing - things like that. Also, if you follow what is referred to here as the conservative treatments (stretching, massage, icing, ibuprofen, etc.) religiously, and I mean religiously, you have a good chance of healing. But it takes awhile and patience is the tough part. You'll find that relief will come in small increments and will surprise yourself one day by being able to be on your feet for a half hour, an hour, a morning and so on. What you can add to that regime when the inflammation starts to abate is strengthening for your lower legs. You'd be surprised what a difference that makes.
You may want to repeat your question on the 'ask the doctors' section of this message board because the docs may want to ask you about your ESWT, orthotics, etc.
But Kristie the most important and effective thing you need to think about right now is gaining a sense of control. Your feet are not the boss of you, right? You're the one in charge. Not your feet, not your docs - YOU.

Re: ve had Pf for two years---please help

john h on 8/21/03 at 12:49 (127536)

Kristie: There are a lot of excellent medications for depression and anxiety and you really need to talk to your family doctor about the possiblity of trying some of these to help get you through this down period in your life. What state do you live in? Do you live in a small town or metropolitan area. I really think you need someone to discuss this with and I would start with my family Doctor. We have an army of people on this board who have suffered depression and anxiety. Who would not with the way PF changes your life? Make an appointment today and tell him/her just how bad you feel and that you need some help. If you are depressed tell him and tell him now. We do care.

Re: ve had Pf for two years---please help

Necee on 8/21/03 at 15:40 (127563)

Kristie, I know that since you've tried so many treatments, all else seems hopeless, but trust me, that's not the case at all.
There are many here who have been down that road, including me, and let me tell you, it does get better....but the key word here is TIME, it takes time, there is no quick fix with PF.
Please continue to work agressively towards healing, you must think positive thoughts, and don't give in to depression and negative thoughts, that won't get you anywhere. I know it's hard, I've been there, it's very difficult to not even be able to walk to the mail box without having excruciating pain. Most people don't understand, they think foot pain is no big deal....but it is a big deal. Like the saying, 'When your feet hurt, you hurt all over'. How true it is.
Keep posting and asking questions, we do care and want to help you in any way that we can.

Happy trails.....


Re: ve had Pf for two years---please help

Kathy G on 8/22/03 at 08:24 (127633)


My heart goes out to you. I didn't check the boards yesterday and just am catching up so I'm a little late in posting so you've received advice from the best. I have little to add except that I was in a similar situation in that I had to give up a very active job and was at home at a time when there were other major changes in my life: my youngest went off to college and there were some other personal problems that could have made me very depressed. What I found worked for me was moving around occasionally, not just sitting. I would go to the grocery store, the library, to the mall. Not necessarily to shop at the mall because it was too painful to walk much and I actually don't like to shop, but because it would get me out of the house. I'd hit one store, kind of wander about, usually talk to a friendly clerk or two, get in my car and come home and I'd feel so much more refreshed. Sure, it barely resembled the life I had led but I figured it was better than sitting around. And I truly believe that if you sit too much, your muscles will atrophy and so some moderate movement is necessary.

I was lucky in that I am an avid reader so I could read to pass the time when my feet were very bad. And don't forget books on tape or cd. You can pop one in, sit on the couch and an hour will pass before you know it!
I also like to crochet and I love jigsaw puzzles. Actually, I never did puzzles except when I was on vacation and I consider this a little bonus, something I can do even though I'm at home and it is kind of bonus I reap from having PF.

I found that contact with friends was difficult as they were all at work and the recovery time requires that you become very self-sufficient. Do you like to bake? You can do a lot of that if you just assemble your ingredients on the kitchen table and sit to do what you used to do standing up.

How about organizing photos? That's a job I've still got ahead of me and I have vowed to myself that I will do it during the cold winter months coming up. Do you like to do word puzzles? There are great books available and there are all kinds available online.

And last, but not least, how about allowing yourself time to surf the net? There are social boards, pain support boards; actually I believe there are message boards that will suit any interest. Look around and see what you can find that meets your interests. Whatever your interest, using a google search, you'll be able to find a wealth of information on it.

Much of what I mentioned can be done while you ice your feet or gently stretch them.

Everyone has a burden in life. When I wonder why I had to get PF and lose my precious mobility, I think of my sister who battles bipolar disorder every day of her life. I think of my friend who has RA and is facing still another surgery on her ankle. It will require a three-month recovery period and I don't even know how she'll get around as she's already had surgery on her hands and I can't imagine how hard it will be for her even to use a walker. I just remind myself that there is so much I CAN do and how much worse off I could be.

And, yes, I remind myself of how much better I am than I was three years ago. Sure, I'm limited and my feet hurt all the time, but I now am able to treat them properly because I am armed with the knowledge I need to treat my PF. The really bad flare-ups are of shorter duration as time goes by.

I hope you begin to feel better. Please come to these boards often and feel free to vent your frustration. I know that they have been the best therapy for me.