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Kristi R.

Posted by Rachael T. on 8/21/03 at 17:42 (127580)

Kristi R - this message goes especially to you in your request for help. Of course, it goes to others too in this 'same PF misery!' But, I wanted to reach you Kristi R. & advise you that I, too have been upon times depressed & angry that PF won't let me live my life. I have had it since 4/1/2001 & I've done everything too in order to help it heal.....4 prs. of orthotics, ESWT, PT twice, swim daily now in effort to heal, umpteen cortisone shots, bought every cream, potion, & notion, 16 prs. of shoes in 2 yrs., regular massages - you name it! But, I also found my family physician to help me by giving me 10mg elavil which did help my pain level - I used to EAT anti-inflammatories & I mean alot! But, once I took the elavil, my intake of anti-inflamm. lessened; but I will also say that I quit my job - getting me off my feet at that time too. My life has changed drastically - & I am sometimes not pleased with that fact; but I've made my life good once again - not like it was; a different good - & I believe in time, I will be well - with alot of work, time, & effort......so hang in there - you will improve in time. Sitting on the couch is no fun...I used to think that life was passing me by & I was watching everyone else live it--but I am once again amongst the living. I hope this gives you hope!