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Repeat cortisone injections

Posted by CarolR on 8/21/03 at 22:24 (127606)

I have had pf for about 8 months. After going to a family practitioner (she gave me Vioxx),I finally went to a podiatrist about a month ago. She said I had a heel spur and gave me a cortisone injection along with Etodolac. I had pain the next day after the injection. Well it took about 3 weeks, but now I have no pain. I am still taking Etodolac twice a day. Well, today I go back to the pod and she tapes my foot up and says to come back in two weeks for another injection. I don't know that I need another injection, especially since the icing, running shoes/birkenstocks, and etodolac seem to be working. What questions should I be asking her? From what I have read on this site,injections aren't good to repeat. Please reply back, since I have to go to back in two weeks.
PS This site has been wealth of information! Keep it up!

Re: Repeat cortisone injections

dr ben pearl on 8/21/03 at 23:10 (127613)

There is no medical reason to reinject 2 weeks later if you are not in pain, period.

Re: Repeat cortisone injections

john h on 8/22/03 at 15:38 (127696)

I sure agree with Dr. Pearl. Two shots in two weeks is counter to everything I have ever read. You currently have no pain which sounds like the first shot has done it's job. I have read many people post who were relieved of pain for a few day to a few months to permently. Most medical documents I have read seem to indicate a couple of shot in one year may be more the norm.

Re: Repeat cortisone injections

Judy R on 8/22/03 at 16:58 (127711)

Hi Carole..read your note on cortisone injections and wanted you to know that I had two injections in two weeks. The first one did nothing, but the 2nd one did the trick. I was released by my Pod Friday a week ago..no more taping, no more therapy only icing it down at home and doing the stretchs of course. I have been relatively pain free until this afternoon. I played golf this morning (with a cart) and when I got home I iced it down and then sat down for awhile (tired!)..when I went to get up, there was the old pain, but not as severe and it seemed I was able to 'walk it out'. I also played golf on Monday and Monday night it was hurting just a little but by Tues. and Wed..no pain.
Take care..get the shot if you need it and keep working on your foot. Things do get better with PF..I am proof.

Take care...Judy

Re: Repeat cortisone injections

BGCPed on 8/23/03 at 18:09 (127770)

maybe 1st injection worked, maybe meds and other tx did the trick. You can tell the Dr your concerns about 2nd injection, they cant make you take another and you can always get one down the road if YOU think you need it.