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8 Month ankle pain - Runner

Posted by Paul C on 8/22/03 at 12:44 (127670)

I injured my left ankle Dec 2002. I am a runner and was running 40 - 50 miles a week. I wore a leg boot for nearly two months. I have seen 3 doctors but still have pain. It is in two places. One is the ligament that is under the outside of the Fibula. The other is the ligaments (or tendons) on top of the ankle. I stopped running for months and have been biking and swimming instead. I ran 3 miles yesterday and both places kill again. The top of the ankle feels like it is extremly tired, and I get temporary relief when I stretch that area out by sitting at a chair and flexing the foot with my toes behind me under the chair. The outside hurts when I go down the stairs (or anything with that angle of the foot and leg). I'm wondering if anyone knows what this might be and what I should do. It is past the point of running. I would like be able to walk around pain free.


Re: 8 Month ankle pain - Runner

Dr. Z on 8/22/03 at 18:41 (127720)

You may have torn these ligaments and or damaged the joint surface. Have you had a mri.?