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Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Posted by Kathy on 8/22/03 at 17:58 (127716)

I am a teacher & have suffered with PF for the last 6 years. I've tried PT, night splints, cortizone shots, shoe inserts, Vitamin C, etc, etc. This is such a depressing illness; my co-workers cannot understand why I need to wear walking shoes daily. I recently learned of ESWT & had hopes of a treatment or cure until I read the discouraging ins. messages on this board. Does anyone know if Ohio BC/BS covers ESWT? Any other teachers out there who could offer some positive ideas? Thanks!

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Dr. Z on 8/22/03 at 18:37 (127718)

Every Blue Shield is different. You are going to have to contact your local Blue Shield Carrier of Ohio. The code is 0020T. If they do cover ESWT the typical policy is six months of pain and three failed conservative treatments. School is going to start soon so its time to get ESWT if you are a candidate.

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Kathy on 8/22/03 at 19:02 (127724)

Thank you so much for the code #! My local podiatrist hasn't had the training for ESWT, so I'm going to have to drive over 60 miles (with a bad foot) for ESWT. My local Dr. would be willing to call in the code for me to see if I qualify. Since this is my last resort before surgery, I hope & pray to qualify. My school has already started & I've come home from work exhausted each evening. Thanks for your reply!

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Peter R on 8/23/03 at 09:46 (127751)

Where in Ohio are you located?

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Kathy on 8/23/03 at 11:40 (127754)

Brown County (southern Ohio)

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Peter R on 8/24/03 at 08:22 (127799)

ESWT with the Dornier EPOS is available to you in the following Kentucky cities- I hope one of them is close to you
Winchester,Henderson,Ft. Thomas, Highland Hts., Georgetown, Florence, Lexington,Campbellville,and Glasgow. Unfortunatel, I couldn't find any in Ohio. Good luck. If you need more info I'll try to help.

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Scott D. on 8/24/03 at 09:34 (127804)


You can write to (email removed) for a complete list of all facilities in your area using the Dornier Epos Ultra.

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Kathy on 8/24/03 at 13:04 (127825)

Thank you for the list of cities! Several of the areas are within 50 miles of my home. My next step is to contact our school's insurance carrier to see if I am covered. Thanks!

Re: Does BC/BS of Ohio cover ESWT?

Kathy on 8/25/03 at 17:37 (127953)

Thanks for the information. I put a call in today to my ins. carrier- ESWT is not covered by our carrier. I'm going to wait a few months to see if it is added later in the year. Thanks.