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Plantar Spur-Image Report In.

Posted by Mary P on 8/22/03 at 22:37 (127738)

Hello out there.

The X-ray results are in. '(R) Calcaneous: A very large plantar spur is present on the calcaneus. There is a moderate size posterior spur as well.' K.D.M.Bentley, M.D. Diagnostic Radiologist.

I need some advice, as I start on the road to visit 'foot specialist's'. I am a forty-two year old female that has never had any surgery or medical procedures of any kind. I work, ride, and train horses for a living. I have carriages for weddings, wagon's for treks, trailriding and do wilderness pack trips.

For the past 2 months, I have slowly 'all but abandoned' the horses (other than two feedings a day) due to the pain and swelling in both my feet.

What does a person do?

Can this be fixed. My doctor says that people just live with the pain.

---Mary (BC-Canada)

Re: Plantar Spur-Image Report In.

Dr. Z on 8/22/03 at 22:44 (127739)

First read the heel pain book. You need to get another doctor if this is his opinion. See a podiatrist. So you have had no treatment over the past two months. Is this correct?

Re: Plantar Spur-Image Report In.

Mary P on 8/23/03 at 09:37 (127750)

Hello Dr.Z

I started to read from on the 'heel pain book' website last night. What an awful thing to read about, and to read people's writings on this website. Does anyone out there know of a good podiatrist, here in BC or Alberta?
I'm from the Kelowna area (where were burning up right now). Or does one need to be referred by a General Practioner?
Dr. Z, I have had nothing except the X-ray that I had a week ago. The results yesterday were the first that I've ever heard about this stuff.
I thought that the foot would heal and I'd be okay.
If (or when) I see a podiatrist, what do I ask, believe, do about this? Actually, what does one do now, to be able to walk without pain? I can't even barely walk when my feet hit the floor in the morning.
Please advise, Thanks --Mary

Re: Plantar Spur-Image Report In.

Dr. Z on 8/23/03 at 10:41 (127752)

The first thing I will do is the plantar fascia morning stretch. There is an article on this web site about this . I started to use this and it is very helpful with reducing that limping when you first get up.
1. Cross your leg over the opposite thigh in a right angle. With your hand pull back the toes. With the opposite hand massage the ball of the foot toward the toes. Use the palm of your hand to do this. You should notice the arch being tight.
Heat is excellent. Also use a chemical heat pack from the pharmacy and wear it all nite around the ankle and heel.

Try taking adavil three times daily if you have no contraconindications to the medication. I use three pills three times daily for about ten days.
Make sure see your physician even if you feel better.

Re: Plantar Spur-Image Report In.

Ed Davis,DPM on 8/25/03 at 10:42 (127905)

Jerry and Nancy Joseph, DPM are a good husband and wife team of podiatrists in Calgary, Alberta (Jerry was my roomate in school).

Re: Plntr Spur-Image-Thanks

Mary P on 8/25/03 at 12:47 (127913)

Thank you Mr. E. Davis, I have forwarded the email to my Prof. Engineer friend in Calgary to locate these people. I travel to Calgary a fair bit, due to the horses.

Dr. X, thank you for the advice on seeing a Podiatrist and for the foot stretch in the morning. My goodness, I felt the pull the first time I tried it. I also bought some heel foam supports that have the middle removed.

I find that I'm not walking at all on my heel if I can help it.
I limped around the horses this morning, I know what they feel like when their lame now, and I was tempted to take some of their Buteazone Anit-Inflammatory!

Thank you for your help.

Re: Plntr Spur-Image-Thanks

BrianG on 8/30/03 at 20:31 (128448)

Hi Mary,

Another inexpensive treatment that you can do yourself is ' taping' your feet. There is a section in Scott's book, or you can ask the Podiatrist to tape you (and pay attention). Once you've done it a few times, it's really quite easy. Also, try to ice your feet every day after work. I use bags of frozen peas myself, as they conform nicely to my heels.

I hope you get healed soo, as I know your animals are counting on you. We did have a horse trainer posting here a couple years ago. She ended up having surgery, and was able to get her life back. I can't remember her name, but you may be able to find her with the search engine. Maybe type in 'horses' or something similar.

Good luck

PS: Have you clicked on the 'mesage board' at the top of the page? There is a lot more information available on this web site.