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pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Posted by BGCPed on 8/23/03 at 18:27 (127773)

This animal finally got pulled over by the Karma Police.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Dorothy on 8/23/03 at 20:21 (127780)

It is a horror story, from beginning to end.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Peter R on 8/24/03 at 08:03 (127797)

A fiiting end for all pedophiles and rapists- too bad it didn't happen much sooner in his life. I hope he didn't die too quickly.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

john h on 8/24/03 at 13:19 (127827)

Pedophiles seem to be the one group that all the prisoners detest and many of them meet the same fate as the priest. A lifer did it so what did he have to lose?

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

BGCPed on 8/24/03 at 16:10 (127841)

Maybe the lifer wanted to do something good to make up for all the evil that he did on the outside? Jeff Dahmer got lit up with a broom handle in the bathroom when he left us. I bet the cowards like that are the biggest babies when they are getting what they dished out. I wonder if the church will splurge and give him a big service or if they will make it low-key due to all the negative press they have been getting

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Peter R on 8/24/03 at 17:08 (127854)

When you force people to live an unnatural life style you get sick people who select that lifestyle. Just like a high % of cops are abusive to their wives and children.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

BGCPed on 8/24/03 at 20:44 (127872)

Cant argue with you there Peter. Some will say the Cath churtch should let them get married. Not the problem cause they are after little boys. When did you last hear of a catholic priest messing with some parishoners wife or the organ lady or even young girls for that matter?

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Peter R on 8/25/03 at 07:55 (127887)

I'm going to leave this thread alone- it's probably more explosive than a palestinian with a bomb vest.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

john h on 8/25/03 at 08:39 (127891)

Concerning Cops: Each year approximately 100 are killed in the line of duty and over 300 commit suicide. They lead a very stressful life and have one of the highest suicide rates of any occupation.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Dorothy on 8/25/03 at 14:57 (127930)

Re police: it is another line of work of which society expects the most and gives the least. It is astounding what they are paid, what they encounter, what society throws at them and that anyone continues to do it.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

marie on 8/25/03 at 16:34 (127947)

Here.....I am Catholic and yes they have messed around with some of the female parish members. Some priests do leave the church and marry. Living a celebate life is the sacrafice one must make to recieve the sacrament of priesthood. There are 7 sacraments most people only receive six. Baptism, confession, communion, confirmation, marriage, priesthood and last rights. I have recieved all but priesthood. I was given last rights after I was born....they didn't think I was going to live. A priest may leave the priesthood and marry allowing him to recieve all 7. A widowed man may also become a priest. The priest who blessed my father's grave had four sons. When his wife died he decided to commit himself to God.

Not all priests are after little boys and girls. I do feel the church needs to restructure as they did in the 60s. Priests should be tested in every as to prevent admitting someone that may be harmful to children.

What do you guys think about teachers who have relationships with students?

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Kathy G on 8/25/03 at 18:28 (127958)

I am really surprised that they left him where a prisoner whom they knew hated pedophiles and homosexuals would have access to him. I suspect it wasn't an accident but who am I to say?

My husband knows a fellow who is a retired prison guard from MA. He said that the prisoners most hated by the inmates were 1)animal abusers, 2) child abusers and 3) rapists. He said that the prison always put anyone convicted of abusing an animal in solitary, right from the start.

MA has had some radical budget cutbacks and I'm sure that contributed to the lack of prison guards on duty when the attack occurred.

I can't understand why policemen, firemen and prison guards aren't paid more but I'm grateful that we have people who are willing to do those jobs for us.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

marie on 8/25/03 at 19:53 (127973)

Usually when a prison riot happens the prisoners head for the protective custody section. Prisoners often have families or were abused themselves. They don't like pedaphiles and rapists. They're not fond of wife and child murderers either.

Prisoners should be safe when locked up. We tend to look the other way when something like this happens because we don't value criminals lives. Don't get me wrong the father was a creep who hurt 100's of young boys lives. However I do believe that it is up to the state to provide better security in a prison.

Now this is what burns me up....Prisons are air conditioned but most schools are not. People should be safe in prison but I feel airconditioning is a luxary that would be put to better use in public schools.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

Dorothy on 8/25/03 at 20:34 (127979)

I am guessing that air conditioning is considered a security issue since tensions run higher in hot weather.

I do often marvel at the fact that it wasn't all that long ago that air conditioning was not the commonplace that it is now, yet people managed.

Re: air conditioning...

Suzanne D on 8/25/03 at 20:55 (127987)

Hi, Dorothy! Back to the rural area around Lake Cumberland that you and I have chatted about ~

Most, if not all, of the big old farmhouses were not air-conditioned when I used to spend a lot of time there. And yet they were pleasant most of the time. But they were built with care to face the right direction with plenty of 'shade trees' around. And they were wood and not brick and had porches with rocking chairs...

Now, new buidings - schools in particular - are built without windows and out in the open without trees. The 'inside' classrooms in my new school which is built like a big square around the gym in the middle have no windows. Luckily I am on the 'outside', but we are told not to open the windows as it messes up the heating/cooling system all over the building.

Buildings just don't seem to be designed for use without air conditioning. Sometimes I miss a good breeze.

Suzanne :)

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

marie on 8/25/03 at 21:46 (127998)

I am sure you're correct. Of course there's nothing like a hot cranky mob of kids.

Yes it amazes me how everything anymore is air conditioned accept college dorm rooms. The college kids are really suffering right now. They are use to air conditioning at home. Friday it was 94 with a heat index of 103. There is nothing like hot humid weather in Indiana. I think I've sweated off at least a pound.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

BGCPed on 8/25/03 at 22:35 (128005)

Marie I am a non-practicing Catholic. It may be true that some priests leave for women or mess around with them and that is fine if they choose. My point is that women are consenting adults. The church has for years been a haven for pedophiles. They have tolerated it and shuffled them around like an organized crime ring by using their power and influence.

One child getting raped by an animal like that is not equal to 10 adults having consenual but non church accepted relations. I am having second thoughts about his being beat to death. I wonder if it would have been more difficult for him to have lived 10 more years and be subject to rape like he dished out. Sounds mean I know but I am purly thinking of his discomfort and justice for the children.

Re: air conditioning...

Dorothy on 8/26/03 at 00:53 (128012)

Speaking of Lake Cumberland, I just purchased some books by Harriett Arnow that I am looking forward to reading. I read The Dollmaker years ago, of course, but have not previously read Seedtime on the Cumberland and Old Burnside. She was once a popular author but has become neglected except as a regional writer. She is from Wayne County and placed most of her books and/or characters there, or being from there. She and my mother were acquaintances when young. I don't know why exactly, but lately I've had Kentucky and that area much on my mind - hence the reading plans.
You are so right about the fineness of a breeze, especially after a long, hot day and it cools off just a bit with a little breeze coming through the screen - so nice. Add the wonderful summer night sounds, those noisy cicadas especially, and some sheets that were hung outside to dry and smell so sweet - that's a good sleeping night. And I think that those places I remember so well in Kentucky summers had the best smell - there was actually the smell of hickory at night and that's the best. I don't know why that would be because they wouldn't have had a fire in the summertime, but it was hickory and wonderful. You might enjoy this, since you teach the very early grades (first grade?) -On my mother's side we are related to Alvin C. York who was a WWI hero; he was from Tennessee.
Anyway, when my daughter was in the first grade she was to give a report on someone from her family who was very special or had done something special so we told her about Alvin C. York and how he captured so many Germans singlehandedly and all. She prepared her report and gave it. We encountered the teacher shortly after and she told us about our daughter's report on her relative, Alvin C. Hitler! We were torn between embarrassment and hilarity. Mouths of babes and all that.

Re: air conditioning

Kathy G on 8/26/03 at 08:15 (128021)

The problem in New England states is that we used to have what we called the 'Dog Days of August' when it would be hot and humid. I remember, when it was hot like that, my mother would let us stay up late because she knew we wouldn't be able to sleep. It was about the only good thing about the heat. Sometimes, my cousins would visit on such a night and we'd play hide and go seek out in the yard, in the dark. Being the youngest in the family by about eight years, my cousins would delight in scaring me to death!

Now, though, we have humidity and heat from June through September. Central air conditioning is becoming more common in homes. Certainly, no one builds any kind of office building, etc. without AC. I'm not sure about the prisons, though. It's something to check out. I would think that because of security reasons, they'd be air conditioned but they are all so old, it might be that they aren't.

I don't personally know of any public schools that are air conditioned but remember, I live in New Hampshire. We couldn't be much more backward when it comes to school buildings and education in general. Up until a year ago, our students were attending school in a condemned building while the townspeople fought about whether we could afford a new school. Insane! And yes, they all boil in the first and last weeks of school.

Re: pedophile priest geoghan murdered in prison

john h on 8/26/03 at 10:31 (128035)

Without getting into the who's and what's we really cannot accept murder in any form inside a prision. Some people in prision are not guilty. If we accept the murder of one person then we accept the murder of any. person guilty or not. I have no sympathy for this guy and perhaps some of his supervisors should be in jail also. Obeying the law is one of the cornerstones of a civilization.