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Scar Tissue

Posted by Dorothy on 8/23/03 at 20:12 (127776)

I read the testimonial about active release therapy here and did a search and read the 'historical' discussion about ART. Have others tried it since then? The practicioners are few and far between, it seems.

The main question I have about this or other similar therapies is that I do not understand the concept of 'breaking up scar tissue.' How exactly does this happen? What causes it to happen? Is this 'real' or what?

My only experience of scar tissue is the kind of scar that forms on the skin from a healed injury - and I can't see how one could 'break up' that scar tissue.

Is this an important concept with regard to PF? Mr. Wilmot of FootTrainers sells a massage tool that someone said they use to 'break up scar tissue'.... is this possible??

Re: Scar Tissue

HilaryG on 8/23/03 at 20:57 (127781)

I'm the writer of the 'testimonial' of ART. I think it involves more than just breaking up scar tissue. But I do have to say that i do not understand WHY or HOW it works. I'm just happy that it does. I just can't stand to see so many people in pain when there is an option that I know works (at least for those of us lucky enough to live within driving distance of an ART practitioner). Hilary

Re: Scar Tissue

HilaryG on 8/23/03 at 21:03 (127782)

I think I should add that my partner had successful PF release surgery less than one yr ago. But when she started to have symptoms of PF on her other foot she decided to give ART a try-- she is a runner who hadn't run in about a yr because of PF, but now, because of ART she is running again. I have never been a runner or even much of a walker due to painful flat feet pretty much all of my life, but now I am starting to do some real walking and it is wonderful. Hilary