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Insurance Company Denying me coverage

Posted by Linda on 8/25/03 at 10:07 (127902)

I have posted here many times before,but now i have come to the end of my fight with our insurance company. I have been in physical therapy on and off since 2000 for my feet,then after my 2 surgeries in 2001 & 2002. Well, i just started back 2 months ago,and my pain levels were finally starting to come down. The insurance company now says that they feel 2 years of physical therapy without total recovery is a waste of money and they refuse to pay for more treatments. They also told me they will not pay for E.W.S.T
I don't know what to do now. My pain levels are back up to about 8--10 in my right,and 6 out of 10 in my left. I am so sick of it. They won't even pay for podiatrist appointments anymore.
Has anyone run into a problem with their insurance company like this?
I don't know what to do,and I am still in severe pain after 15 minutes of standing,or any activity.
sorry this is long,

Re: Insurance Company Denying me coverage

Ed Davis,DPM on 8/25/03 at 18:51 (127961)


Insurance companies pay for treatment in many patients who are treated and cured rapidly and others who have tougher cases. They have to take the 'bad with the good.' They have no right to cut and run when encountered with a tough case. In fact, if everything was easily cured we would not need insurance companies. They are really there to save us from financial devastation during life threatening or difficult conditions.

If they don't want to pay for more PT, then why refuse to pay for potentially definitive treatment, ESWT. Contact your state's insurance commissioner.

Re: Insurance Company Denying me coverage

Linda on 8/26/03 at 05:13 (128016)

Dr. Davis,

I didn't think they had the right. I am going to make a call today to the insurance commisioner. I have all the documentation saying that physical therapy was helping,and it was medically necessary. I even went for a second opinion and got one also.
thank you for responding