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still in pain

Posted by stella on 8/25/03 at 10:29 (127903)

well im still in pain been staying off my foot and that go back to the dr tomorrow. The ultram i think is working a bit better then the vicodin i was on. I still have lots of numbness in my heal. I hope i dont get another shot tomorrow :( Bye

Re: still in pain

Dorothy on 8/25/03 at 14:43 (127927)

Stella ~ I hope that you can find ways to begin to feel that you are more of an active participant in your treatment and care than a passive 'receiver' of treatments. When you say 'I hope I don't get another shot tomorrow', it sounds as if you have no say in what happens to you. Maybe you need to be sure you have as much information as you can obtain so you feel that it is YOUR decision as well as a recommendation from your doctor.

Re: still in pain

marie on 8/25/03 at 19:23 (127968)

Dorothy that is very good advice. Stella I am sorry to hear that your feet are still in alot of pain. Let us know what happens at the doctor's office.