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Could new orthitics trigger/cause PF

Posted by Judy B on 8/25/03 at 16:00 (127940)

I have been wearing Orthotics for about 15 years, I think because of high arches. About 7 years ago I switched Health Plans, and the new Podiatrist gave me hard (as opposed to foam covered) ones - he said the correction would be beneficial. After 6 1/2 years, I noticed some shin pain, wondered if orthotics might be related, and got new ones. After wearing the new ones (same RX, somewhat softer plastic) for about 1-3 weeks, I noticed mild heel pain, and ignored it, assuming it would go away. After another few weeks, while doing strenuous folk dancing, which I have done for 43 years, with good shoes for the last 15 or so, the heel pain got much worse. I researched PF, found this web page, stopped going barefoot, stretched, ice, some aspirin- now back to mild pain.

I saw my podiatrist, who said the orthotics had been cut too thin, and didn't give enough support, and ordered new ones, and said, that the softer orthotics had nothing to do with the PF. Doesn't make sense to me, does it to you?

He also said to do any activity I could tolerate, it would make no difference to recovery time, (I am ignoring that, and doing what I can to avoid increased pain, while still staying active.) I'm following the information here (Scott's if in doubt, don't do it.) A friend's doctor told her that her walks would double her time to recovery. Your take?