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Deep massage does it work?

Posted by David B on 8/25/03 at 21:40 (127995)

I believe I might have seen it on this board about getting a deep massage on your heel? Does it give you some relief from the pain? I willing to try anything to help give me some relief.

Re: Deep massage does it work?

Ed Davis,DPM on 8/25/03 at 23:40 (128011)


Massage can be very helpful if performed by a skilled practitioner.
Massage stimulates circulation, can help break down scar tissue, reduce swelling if present and alleviate pain. It is an adjunctive treatment that should be performed as part of a comprehensive approach to the problem.

Re: Deep massage does it work?

chrisb on 8/28/03 at 10:19 (128274)

David -
My experience is that I have to be very careful with deep massage. I had it twice, the second time really nice and deep, it felt good at the time but put me into a bad flare for 3 weeks. As a result I've avoided it since.
On the other hand I understand the principle of freeing the sheaths to move over each other so deep massage would seem to make sense from that perspective. My experience may be atypical.