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Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

Posted by Kristie R. on 8/26/03 at 08:40 (128023)

I read in one of the sights, that a person can have a too short of an Achillis tendon. How can I tell? My is very thight and I believe it's the casue of a lot of my problems. I had ESWT done four weeks ago and I can feel a pulling at the bottom of my heel when I flex my anckle. It feels like a giant rubber band is pulling on my heel. Thanks for your help.

Re: Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

dave r on 8/26/03 at 12:03 (128046)

I am sure that at least one of the doctors will respond to this. A tight Achilles or short achilles can be the root of all evils when it comes to plantar fasciitis. If you have high arches and a 'short achilles'
then it will take even longer to get better. Since one problem effects the other.
A good stretching program should help but i know that this can be very hard to achieve since stretching seems to make things worse for some of us.
A physical therapist can measure your range of dorsiflexion and tell you. A good podiatrist should tell you if you have a tight heel cord. Its a simple test.
I had the same sypmtoms when i had eswt done.....

Re: Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

Ed Davis,DPM on 8/26/03 at 14:41 (128068)

I think Dave has said it all..

Re: Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

Kristie R. on 8/26/03 at 19:53 (128104)

Thank You Dave for the info. I'm going to so well informed the next time I see my doctor.
What was your cure like from ESWT? How long did it take? Any other suggestions besides stretching? Do you were heel lifts in your shoes to help with your achillies.

Thank you

Re: Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

dave r on 8/27/03 at 07:42 (128130)

Kristie, i had eswt performed twice last year. The first few months i thought that the treatments didnt help. My achilles are very tight. I also have very high arches. I wasnt able to get into a very good stretching program without the pf symptoms really being aggravated. this has been my case for several years. I finally gave in and had a pf release on my right foot 6 months ago. I can say that i no longer have pf in that foot. I still have a tight achilles but at least my range of motion has gotten better. All i needed was a few more degrees of dorsiflexion. My other foot has gotten alot better to. I believe that part of this is a result of not limping around and the two eswt treatments that i had last year. To answer your question about heel lifts; they may or may not help you. Heel lifts will take pressure off of the achilles and plantar fascia. But they can also make the achilles shorter over time. This is like a double edged sword.

Re: Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

Kristie R. on 8/27/03 at 10:35 (128145)

Thank you Dave for all your info and help. I'm so glad after so much pain your feeling better. What doctor did you see that did your pf release? I live in New York and would love another opion. Thank you so much for all your help.

Re: Tigh Achillis tendon---too short?

dave r on 8/27/03 at 13:11 (128162)

Dorctor Z did the eswt treatments. My doctor here in Wisconsin did the release