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post heel spur surgery pain

Posted by carol a. on 8/26/03 at 12:32 (128047)

I had heel spur surgery on both feet 1 yr. ago, and am experiencing extreme pain today. My feet swell, turn blue, feel numb in the middle section on the bottom of each foot, have pain both on top of foot and all along the bottom of each foot, traveling up the leg, to the knee. My back also aches, due to walking funny to compensate for the foot pain.

I had xrays, an EMG, and just yesterday, MRI on both feet. I changed doctors and now am seeing an orthepedic doctor. Tried orthodics, elastic socks, elevating feet....had physical therapy....nothing has helped. I live on anti inflammatory pills and vicodene.

What is it that is hurting me? No one can tell me to date. My foot now feels arthritic like.

I am missing work and don't know what to do next.

Any suggestions, or answers?

Carol A.

Re: post heel spur surgery pain

Aly on 8/26/03 at 12:54 (128048)

Hi Carol,

Hopefully someone here can help. Have you had full bloodwork done? Have you seen a neurologist? Perhaps a rheumatologist? Just some ideas...

I hope you find relief soon!


Re: post heel spur surgery pain

dave r on 8/26/03 at 14:24 (128062)

I am not a doctor but it sure does sound like RSD. When you say that your feet are turning blue and that it is traveling up your legs and your knees. Possibly a circulation problem too. Either way you need to see a doctor NOW. If you have rsd you need to get it under control before it spreads. Has any of your doctors ever mentioned the possibility of you having rsd?

Re: post heel spur surgery pain

dr ben pearl on 8/26/03 at 19:01 (128095)

RSD is possible; a pain clinic or someone experinenced with this
is your next step.DRBP

Re: post heel spur surgery pain

rose on 8/27/03 at 22:49 (128242)

Is this just recent? How were you say two months aftr the srugery? Did it come on later? Just wondering since I had the surgery two months ago.Tell me more about RSD. Thanks so much