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Ireland considering a "fat tax"

Posted by Sharon W on 8/26/03 at 13:32 (128053)

Here's an interesting idea: taxing fatty foods to discourage obesity while 'plumping up' government coffers (See the Reuters story, below; excerpts follow):



Ireland Mulls 'Fat Tax' to Curb Obesity Levels


'Ireland, noted for fried breakfasts of epic proportions, is chewing over the possibility of a special tax on fatty foods to tackle rising obesity levels.'

'Health Minister Micheal Martin confirmed he was 'very tentatively' examining slapping a levy on high-fat comestibles.'

'A proliferation of restaurants and fast-food joints during the country's celebrated 'Celtic Tiger' boom of the late 1990s and an increasingly sedentary national lifestyle are among factors blamed for a rise of nearly 70 percent in the number of those overweight or obese over the last decade.'

'Some 60 percent of our population is now either overweight or obese and we would welcome any initiative (by the government) to tackle the problem,' Michael O'Shea, chief executive of the Irish Heart Foundation, told Reuters.'

Re: Ireland considering a "fat tax"

Dorothy on 8/26/03 at 19:35 (128100)

Fat tax - hmmmm, let's see....is that like a pound of flesh? Don't the taxers already take that on a regular basis?

Re: Ireland considering a "fat tax"

Kathy G on 8/27/03 at 17:46 (128197)

I read a similar article. I sure have mixed feelings about it but I do know that the Irish lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. We were over there thirty years ago and were appalled at their eating habits and how much they smoked! My son was over there a couple of years ago, and the majority of them still smoke as they socialize in their pubs. And their diets haven't improved much, coupled with the fact that they now have McDonald's.

As they have become more modern, I'm sure there are more indoor health clubs. Their dreadful climate would not be conducive to a great deal of outdoor exercise. I keep saying I want to do a search on how much lung cancer they have over there but I've been too lazy to do it. Hmmmm.....is it the Irish in me that makes me so lazy? Nah, I don't smoke; I don't drink and I'm not overweight! So that just makes me a lazy American!