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How Old is Dirt

Posted by Dorothy on 8/26/03 at 14:32 (128066)

I meant to post this a few days ago but neglected. There was an Associated Press article with the headline (this is from memory and is paraphrase and may be just full of errors but the gist of it is this):
'7,000 Year Old Clay Found'

So it made me think that we apparently know how hold dirt is. And I am not that old.

Re: How Old is Dirt

Aly on 8/26/03 at 16:03 (128077)

LOL :))

Re: How Old is Dirt

Sharon W on 8/26/03 at 16:10 (128078)

Hooray! I'm not as old as dirt either!!

=D> \:D/ :D

Re: How Old is Dirt

marie on 8/26/03 at 19:39 (128102)

:)) :)) :)) Thank You!

I can't wait to share this with my 5th graders since they are the ones who told me that you're older than dirt if you're past 31. Of course they seem to know everything at that age.


Re: How Old is Dirt

Peter R on 8/26/03 at 20:08 (128107)

I'm not as old as dirt either- I just feel like I'm old as dirt. I guess that's what happens when you spend you life doing only those things you want to and never what you have too when you have too do them. I always procrastinate but never until tommorrow.

Re: How Old is Dirt

JudyS on 8/26/03 at 21:04 (128113)

I just feel that old now and then........(:(PIPE)

Re: How Old is Dirt

Dorothy on 8/27/03 at 01:47 (128125)

I'm not sure I understood your post, but I understand the first part and am sorry you feel 'old as dirt.' These painful, frustrating conditions can make one feel that way - I think many people here can attest to that.

Re: How Old is Dirt

Peter R on 8/27/03 at 07:13 (128126)

I wasn't appealing for sympathy by claiming to feel as old as dirt- it just turned out to be a poor attempt at being humerous :D

Re: How Old is Dirt

john h on 8/27/03 at 09:46 (128138)

When one talks about being older than dirt he/she must specify which type of dirt. There are numerous catagories of dirt which have been scientifically catagorized and are composed of different materials. I know I am older than a 'Dirt Bike' but did have a Schwinn.

Re: How Old is Dirt

john h on 8/27/03 at 09:52 (128139)

Marie had you rather be older than dirt or called a dirt bag? Dirt seems to be getting a dirty name. Little boys and maybe little girls love to play in dirt. Dirt worms like dirt so much they eat dirt. I think there is a rock band called 'Dirt'. Why do we call some men 'dirty old man'?

Re: How Old is Dirt

Kathy G on 8/27/03 at 17:34 (128190)

Ah, because they are!:D

Re: How Old is Dirt

Dorothy on 8/27/03 at 18:11 (128205)

Oh, sorry. I did misunderstand even more than I thought I did.