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Swollen Feet & Ankles??????

Posted by Monica H. on 8/27/03 at 11:26 (128152)

Ok I have Plantar Fasciitis for one month now, My feet are overly flexible, I have over pronation(doctor said genetics), the pain is pretty much gone under my foot,
But I get weird pains everywhere else in my foot & lower legs, it varies from day to day & my ankles swell up everyday (& hurt sometimes), i asked the doctor why(swelling) & he said 'I dunno' also now my feet are swelling up too everyday, am I pushing it by walking too much????? Is the swelling from this problem? I look like I have elephant feet!!!!
On my right foot I have heel spurs & in two other spots on the foot, in the middle & by the toe.
I just got fitted for orthodics(my feet werent swollen-yippie my insurance covered them!!)
I am worried is this normal the feet & ankle swelling?????????? :(
(Im 37 & skinny, not pregnant either & i always wore bad shoes(fashionable but murder on the feet)

Re: Swollen Feet & Ankles?????? :( Me frightened

Monica H. on 8/29/03 at 12:53 (128365)

I read that it swells where the muscle is on every website & place for information, NOT the entire foor & ankle EVERYDAY,
My ankles ar blown up like balloons and People that had this same problem at work didnt have these symptoms, People keep telijg me to get checked out for other things, that maybe its some other problem, they are frightening me :( (heart, kidney, diabetes problems)