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Posted by Necee on 8/28/03 at 00:42 (128253)

Have ya'll been looking at Mars?
Aug 27th is its peak date. Its brighter than its ever been in the history of mankind, now that is quite fascinating.
We enjoy gazing at the stars every weekend at the farm, and with this bright orange glow in the southeastern sky, it's much more enjoyable to reflect on this historic astronomical event, and to think we will never see this happen again in our lifetime.
Get out those telescopes

Happy trails.....


Re: Mars

Kathy G on 8/28/03 at 09:24 (128269)

It really is neat, isn't it, Necee? I've been checking it out every night. I don't know why - maybe to see if it's really there! But the idea that it won't be this close for 200+ years makes you feel like you should look at it.

When I was in middle school, our class was supposed to track a certain constellation for a month and graph its progress. Being a good little girl, I never thought to check with my friends as to what their graphs looked like because that would have been cheating. When we got the assignment back, the teacher gave me an 'A' even though my graph didn't look a thing like it was supposed to. He said he knew I was out there every night, watching something, but it sure wasn't the constellation we were supposed to track!

Mars is easy. I know I'm looking at the right thing! :D

Re: Mars

john h on 8/28/03 at 13:02 (128290)

What is really amazing is that some of these far off places we see sparkling in the sky are thousands of light years away so what we are seeing is the object as it was thousands of years past. It may in fact not even exist anymore.

Re: Mars

Marty on 8/28/03 at 15:24 (128309)

It was so bright out in the Arizona desert that it made a big reflection in the water of Lake Powell. It was way cool.

Re: Mars

Carole C in NOLA on 8/28/03 at 17:12 (128315)

Maybe before we die, men will walk on Mars just like those brave men who walked on the moon on July 20, 1969.

It is so spectacular to see Mars this close to us. I hope someone gets a chance to see it from much closer and to stand on Mars, one day.

Carole C

Re: Mars

Suzanne D on 8/28/03 at 20:17 (128326)

Spoken like a true scientist, Carole! :)

I well remember standing out on our front steps at home, looking up at the moon after watching the landing on t.v. It seemed unreal that it could really be happening. But I thought it was like a wonderful mystery.

Last year, I found a computer program for $1.00 (at one of those stores where everything is a dollar). It has news footage and sound from man's first walk on the moon. I was happy to get it and showed it to my children at school.

Of course it meant more to me as I remembered when it happened. Kind of like watching 'Mr. Holland's Opus' and remembering girls getting measured to see how high their dresses went above their knee and so forth. Oh, dear, I'm sounding 'older than dirt' again!

Suzanne :)