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Are you up for a "FAIRY TALE"

Posted by marie on 8/28/03 at 18:33 (128320)

When my second son was born my oldest was a bit jealous. I realized that I had to make special time for him every day. At bedtime we began a story that has developed into a school project. The story was a created to help my oldest son learn that brothers are OK to have. It is about two brothers who have to count on each other for survival. We added to their adventures every night. We lived in a nice neighborhood at the time and I of course had gardens in the yard. As time went on I carefully sculpted each character in the story and placed them in the garden in the back yard. As my sons friends discovered the small sculptures they to took delight in the stories. The kids would act out all kinds of adventures. Sometimes I'd look out the kitchen window and see one of my sons friends in front of the story garden acting out scenes alone preparing for the next adventure.

The sculptures no longer excist....the weather had the best of them but the Story Garden is alive and well. I just got permission to plan and put in a Story Garden at the new school. The superintendent is so excited that he has committed to a large Gazebo. The High School students will design and plant it, the 7th and 8th grade will write a continuing story based on the characters each week. One will be selected. I will illustrate their story and post it on the internet for the elementry children to read. Everyone will get to enjoy the garden as a creative place for children to imagine all they want.

The next link outlines the charcters of that live in the story garden and there are some of my drawings of the characters.


Re: The Kingdom of the Story Garden

marie on 8/28/03 at 18:34 (128321)

The Kingdom of the Story Garden


Taz is an ancient wizard who lives the life of a hermit deep in his underground home at the base of an Elm tree. At the end of every winter he emerges from his home to enchant Story Garden with the first blooms of the year. His vision is poor but his love for the Story Garden is immense. Taz is the sole guardian of Prince Torence and Prince Eduard. Years ago Gris, the ogre, came to Story Garden to steal the dreams of all those who live there. The only survivors of the ogre's tyranny are young Torence and Eduard and are guarded closely by Taz. The boys have in their possession a map leading to the chamber of mysteries, the heart of all dreams. Gris will try anything to get the map from Torence and Eduard, as it would mean eternal life for the ogre. The map is cut in half and sewn inside their cloaks. Unlike Taz the boys want to explore the world outside Taz's humble home. Taz cannot stand the intense heat of the day and has assigned two dear friends to accompany the boys on their adventures, Metia and Orator. Metia came to live in the Story Kingdom when she became an outcast Orion. Her father was a magnificent Monarch butterfly and her mother a Fairy of the fields. Metia was born with her father's wings, soul for independence and her mother's fairy beauty. The other fairies of the field were so jealous of Metia's beautiful wings that she was forced to leave her village. Taz found her weakened by the long journey across the great lake. Taz nursed Metia back to health but she could not live under the ground with him. Metia lives in an abandoned owls nest in the hollow of a Hickory tree that stands next to Taz's home. Orator is a small dragon that simply never grew. Orator is just as brave and strong but simply pint size. Orator came to Story Garden for his own safety. Torence and Eduard stumbled upon Orator one day while he was asleep under a large leaf of a Hosta. Each day the boys would leave the small dragon a bowl full of fresh moss. Orator was always happy to awaken to this lovely treat every day but he had no idea who was leaving it. So one day he stayed awake and kept one eye open watching for the kindred soul who was kind enough to gather moss for him every day. Much to his delight he watched two young boys sneak up from the other side of the Hosta leaf. The boys left a nice pile of moss for the dragon and turned to leave. Orator jumped to his feet and with a gruff voice commanded them to 'STOP'. Eduard and Torence trembled with fear as they turned around slowly to face the pintsized dragon. To their delight Orator had a huge smile on his face. Orator's small size is perfect for Torence and Eduard to ride on his back. The four friends in Story Garden are inseparable. Alone they no match for the ogre and his henchmen but together they are MIGHTY.