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French reality TV

Posted by Sharon W on 8/29/03 at 07:33 (128342)

Whether we watch it or not, almost all of us know about American reality TV -- it generally involves some sort of fantasy (or nightmare!) setting and some sort of test of courage and skill and/or endurance and/or charm and charisma. They may be isolated in a primitive part of the world or inside a house; they may be racing all over the world with their 'significant other'; they may be trying to win the heart of a wealthy or beautiful prospective spouse, or of his/her parents, or of his/her best friends; they may subject themselves to tortures and dangers to prove that they are the most fearless fearless or expose themselves to humiliation to prove that they are the most... (what? that they're the most desperate?)

Well, leave it to the FRENCH to think of THIS: they've come up with a whole new concept for reality TV. The participants will be exposed to one hazard that American contestants have never had to cope with -- politicians!!

Check it out (excerpts follow):



French Offered Live-In Politicians for Reality


'Seeking to narrow the gap between the French and their often remote political rulers, '36 Hours' will follow a volunteer for nearly two days as they go about their usual lives with a top politician in tow.'

'To the dismay of the country's intelligentsia, the French have lapped up a succession of reality shows. Formats have included women battling to seduce a young millionaire and the trials and tribulations of life at an academy for young singers.'

'France's top commercial broadcaster TF1 rejected criticism that the program was a dumbing down of politics.'