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Tarsal tunnel and orthotics as treatment

Posted by Ron M. on 8/29/03 at 09:30 (128347)

Doctors, I have tarsal tunnel in both ankles and the doctor is making me orthotics for this condition. I was wondering what you think my chances of recovery are with these devices. I supinate and have read that orthotics would only help if you pronate, is this true? Thanks, Ron

Re: Tarsal tunnel and orthotics as treatment

Ed Davis,DPM on 8/29/03 at 18:44 (128408)

Modest. Still worth a try as the conservative options for TTS treatment are somewhat limited.

Re: Tarsal tunnel and orthotics as treatment

lara on 8/30/03 at 08:26 (128427)

I got orthotics initially and they helped slow the progression of the symptoms, which was good. However, once I got compression socks (another conservative treatment) I gave up the orthotics. The compression socks actually reversed the trend. They didn't get me back to life pre-TTS, but they did get me to a level where I have a nice life. HOwever, I don't believe I supinate, or pronate, at least not much.