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Rare ankle and foot pain-what is this?

Posted by Kathy B. on 8/29/03 at 20:40 (128419)

no Doctor can tell me what this is? Can you help? Please email me at (email removed)

Pain began in March 2003 in right lower leg and ankle

Came on all of the sudden, no injury

Lower leg-started on inside of leg (around Flexor Digitorum Longus & Soleus)

Walnut-sized soft lump, painful to the touch or any pressure

Lump became bigger and more pronounced, swelling around the area

Took Vioxx and swelling went down, lump less pronouced

Came back and moved to around the Achilles Tendon, Vioxx no longer helped, swelled again

Now moving to inside of leg again (Flexor & Soleus)


Small pea-sized lump behind protruding bone on outer part of ankle (around Posterior Talofibular Ligament)

Swelling increased

Lump and pain moved to protruding bone on outer ankle

Now to top and outer part of foot from (Cuboid to outer Metatarsals)

Tingling like pins & needles when rubbed

Lump in leg and lump in ankle move about every 3 weeks

Pain is worse after sleeping

I broke my right ankle in 1998 and my outer Metatarsal on my right foot in 2000 (surgery-3 pins).

Had x-ray of ankle and a MRI of ankle and a MRI of leg-nothing found, no bloodwork has been done

Have seen family doctor and podiatrist

called it soft tissue enlargement

but do not know what it is

Does seem to be in tissue and not bone or muscle

Cortizon shot and physical therapy with Cortizone cream aggrevates it

Aleve and Ibuprofen does not work

Have been told to see an orthopedic surgeon...have not yet

Possibly Rheumatoid Arthritis???

I am 27 years old, and I have been a diabetic for 16 years with pretty good blood sugars, and I am on the birth control pill, and I do smoke.