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Ankle pain - asking again

Posted by Ruth T on 8/30/03 at 02:46 (128425)

A week or so ago I asked a question on this message board but have not yet received a response from any of the doctors. I see that a large number of questions besides mine also have not been answered, so perhaps this is due to vacation time, although the doctors do seem to be around. I am repeating my question below but wonder if I should also post it on a different board in case the doctors aren't reading this one? Anyway here is my question again, and I really would be grateful for a response.

I have been getting the occasional pain in the hollow between the achilles tendon and the ankle bone of my right foot (medial side). It happens at night, never during the day, and the pain wakes me up. It can be quite severe for several minutes or longer, and then it goes away. If I poke around, the pain seems to be localized more at the ankle bone itself.
It is not a problem to me (yet!) as it has never happened during the day or affected my walking or anything else, but I'd like to know what it is.

I had PF a few years ago, which resolved with conservative treatment after several months and has not troubled me since. I doubt that this could be related - but could it?

I shall be grateful for your thoughts. Thank you.

Re: Ankle pain - asking again

dr ben pearl on 8/30/03 at 11:24 (128432)

Ther are several structures that ould be involved in the area youu describe including the posterior tibial tendon, the medial ankle ligaments, the ankle capsule and the tibial nerve. Trying to speculate as to which it is requires a hands on examination.


Re: Ankle pain - asking again

Ruth T on 8/31/03 at 10:51 (128462)

Many thanks for your comments, Dr Pearl.