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got the letter today

Posted by stella on 8/31/03 at 23:37 (128477)

well i finally recieved a letter from my lawyer today i go to an ime dr in sept. Now i just have to see what i should do about the drs appt i have this week on thursday since i dont want to mess anything up with my workermans comp case. I have been in pain staying off my foot using my walker a bit around the house. I have never thought of seeing a case worker or any of that dorothy. I guess i could. But i dont think i need to go to a community health center for depression. I know i cant pay bills and that things are bad. But public aid and all them just reject me. My lawyer would of told me to try something like that by now. I can just take it one step at a time. Pain is still there and sore. Tingly and buring sensations in my toes.

Re: got the letter today

marie on 9/01/03 at 10:04 (128491)

Good for you! I hope that this all works out well for you.


Re: got the letter today

BrianG on 9/02/03 at 10:33 (128550)

Hi Stella,

In another message you mentioned that you could not get any aid because your bf made over $1,200 a month. I don't know what state you live in, but it dosn't sound right to me. If you are not married, then it should only be your income that is considered. Almost every pharmaceutical company has a free meds, for needy people. You will have to work through your doctor, who will need to sign off on the paperwork requests. If you seach the web, get the forms, fill them out, and give them to your doctor to sign, I can almost guarantee that you will get your meds.

Go to a search engine, and type in somethig like 'needy meds' or 'free meds'. There is a lot of information out there. There is one company, http://www.needymeds.com that will help you for a fee. I found this unnecessay. I've already written to all the manufactures of the meds I take. They sent me the forms, and I'm ready to give them to my doctor, if and when I loose my Medicaide. You may need help from an advocate, but the information is out there, and it's free !!!!

I wish you well,

PS: I just went to http://www.Google.com and typed in 'free meds', I got over 1,800 hits. I then checked 'needy meds' and had over 1,700 hits !!!!

Re: got the letter today

stella on 9/02/03 at 12:03 (128560)

they said since we live together they have to figure him in but now he only works one job. So we have about 800 a month. So i need to go back in there and see. Some help would be nice. My dr is sending me to the other dr this thursday morning so we will see if she has any ideas what i can do. Until then i go to the ime dr on the 25th

Re: got the letter today

BrianG on 9/02/03 at 18:24 (128605)

Just one more thing Stella. In the future, if you have to mention your bf (and you really shouldn't have to), just tell them that he is your room mate :)

Good luck on Thursday,