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Side of Foot Pain

Posted by Faith W on 9/01/03 at 09:06 (128484)

I've exercised for years, but most of my running as been on a treadmill in the gym or on the eliptical machines in the gym.

Recently I started jogging outside on a trail 5x per week, going approx. 4 miles per stint. Over a week ago, I started having pain on the outside of my left foot in the fleshy area just behind the bone on the side of the foot. The pain also extends to the bottom of the foot on the opposite side of the arch. My left foot hurts immensely when I walk in flat shoes or sneakers, but the pain is relieved when I put on any type of shoe with an arch. The higher the shoe, the more relief I feel. I've also developed pain in my lower left back as well.

I've never suffered any type of serious pain from exercising so this is way out of the ordinary for me.