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Bayshore ESWT-- Toronto: 9 months post treatment

Posted by Amy in Va Bch on 9/01/03 at 12:33 (128500)

Hello to everyone,

I am sorry that I have not been back to the board until now. My last two posts were on 3/14 and 3/18 giving an update. BrianG, thanks for asking about me.

Since March I have been dealing with a number of issues that require my attention. These issues would be difficult for a 'well' person, since I have a number of medical issues besides the PF. However, I am hanging in here. My husband has moved out of our home and we are dealing with separation agreement issues. My father, who lives three hours from me here in Virginia Beach, has Alzheimer's disease and had a really bad spell with that and other health matters and I am trying my best to help him.

I went back and read messages posted on this board since I last visited the site. Now to get to the subject at hand. Since my treatment at Bayshore, (which I read has closed its ESWT clinic)I had done very well these past months. I have not yet returned to nursing since I have been dealing with the issues noted in the prior paragraph. However, out of the blue about two weeks ago I felt pain my my R heel as I was walking through a parking lot. I got home as soon as I could and iced my heel and elevated it. This is the first time since beginning the treatment that I felt any pain at all!

This pain was a bit different, however. If you can imagine the heel as being a clock, my prior pain was just right to the center of the 'clock.' The pain I started feeling two weeks ago was referred to the outside of my ankle and the back of my heel! However, that has resolved but I do have some heel pain just right of the 'clock's' center and at 4-6 o'clock, if you can follow my comparison. Before I return to work in nursing I feel I should consider getting a second treatment at the new clinic in Toronto. It follows the same protocols as Bayshore and I know this time will be the trick. I am confident. Cori is the Therapist there now. I sent her email already and will call and leave a message as well.

Please understand that I do believe in this treatment being done in Canada. I don't know why I would have pain again 10 months later. However, I will inquire about that and ask this of you here on the board. I have done nothing different and as far as I am concerned, it is a mystery. Please note, the pain I am having in no where near the intensity that it was before treatment as Bayshore. I think one more 'pop' by Cori will do the trick.

For those of you who do not know me, please go to August 16, 2002 to read my first detailed post and the responses, including Sunny Jacobs from Bayshore. Then go to November and you will find more posts. Specifically, go to November 14-19 where I posted each day as I was having the treatments done. I did followups from then until March when the matters noted in my first paragraph reared their ugly heads.

I will be returning to this board from now on and if I can be of any help to anyone I would be glad to respond to you. I wish you all the best. Am I allowed to leave my personal email address on the message board? I would if it is allowed, but I think any responses to my post would benefit others.

Love and peace,

Re: Bayshore ESWT-- Toronto: 9 months post treatment

BrianG on 9/02/03 at 09:53 (128546)

Hi Amy !!!

I'm so glad that you finally found your way back to Heelspurs. After your treatment in Canada, your reports were so positive, I think a lot of folks were pulling for you and hoping that your PF was completely cured. We see so many folks that have some healing, or no healing, but complete healing like yours gives us all hope. I hope that you do come back now and then to update us. Hopefully your latest flair up will resolve itself, as your stress levels come down. It sounds like you have had a great deal on your plate, and I don't blame you for taking time off from work. If you do return, I hope that you can gradually get back into your old routine. Part time seems like it would really be the best way to go. That way you can still 'listen to your feet' to make sure that your not taking on too much at one time.

Some folks have posted their e-mail address here, myself included. I would take the time to set up a free account first, for your own protection. I'd like to keep in touch with you, as someday I may try the low level treatments myself. Two Dornier treatments have not helped me, unfortunatly. If you want to write, I'm at (email removed)


PS: The low energy treatment has been approved in the US, for elbow pain only. Some docs here are treating heels, off label.

Re: Bayshore ESWT-- Toronto: 9 months post treatment

Sunny Jacob on 9/02/03 at 18:50 (128608)

Hello Amy,
It was nice to her from you again. Sorry to note that you had some flare-up approx. 10 months after your treatment at Bayshore.
I met Cori recently. She is extremely busy this summer with ESWT patients, especially from U.S.A. I am sure Cori will contact you from the PainFree ESWT Clinic. I wish you all the best.

Re: Bayshore ESWT-- message for Sunny Jacob

Kamal S. on 9/02/03 at 22:09 (128638)

Hello Sunny,

We have not met but I had treatment done at your clinic during the second/third week of May (2003). While I am doing better, I am not pain free. Cori had told me that Bayshore will do a second treatment free of charge if needed. I wanted to ask you whether it is too soon to start thinking of a second treatment. If not, Bayshore will cover my second treatment, right?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kamal Saggi.

Re: Bayshore ESWT-- message for Sunny Jacob

Sunny Jacob on 9/03/03 at 09:43 (128674)

Please contact Cori directly at
PainFree ESWT clinic Tel. 1-866-444-ESWT (3798) , email (email removed), website http://www.painfree-eswt.com

Re: Bayshore ESWT-- message for Sunny Jacob

Kamal S. on 9/03/03 at 17:45 (128718)


Thanks. I will do that.