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Posted by Sharon W on 9/02/03 at 09:24 (128542)

I've always been a Whoopi Goldberg fan, even before her days on Star Trek TNG, so I am interested to check out her new show, 'Whoopi,' that will air on NBC Sept. 9th. She always makes me laugh... I'm not so sure about the messages this show will be giving to kids, though.

Check out this story and decide for yourself:




Re: Whoopi

Kathy G on 9/03/03 at 08:06 (128658)

Thanks, Sharon. I, too, have been a Whoopi fan for years and I'm really hoping that this show is as good as it promises to be. She's a very funny lady!

Re: Whoopi

Necee on 9/04/03 at 00:31 (128746)

Sorry ya'll...but she's just too rude and crude for me.
That's just my opinion.

Happy trails....