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Posted by Chelle on 9/02/03 at 19:10 (128611)

I am Judy S. high school friend & have heelspurs too. Please advise.

Re: heelspurs

JudyS on 9/02/03 at 19:20 (128612)

Don't call her Rochelle......

Re: heelspurs

Suzanne D on 9/02/03 at 20:31 (128618)

Chelle, you have come to the best place for information and support! I'm sure your friend, Judy, has told you that and also given you much valuable information already.

If you haven't already, start with reading The Heel Pain Book (just click on the blue link) for practical help. Read, ask questions, and read some more. You'll learn about treatments and shoes and all kinds of helpful ideas for dealing with foot pain due to plantar fasciitis and other related troubles.

Welcome aboard, and may you find help and healing!
Suzanne :)

Re: heelspurs

marie on 9/02/03 at 21:03 (128623)

Welcome Chelle. some of the nicest and funniest people in the universe post here for help, advise, fun and entertainment. So got any good high school stories about Judy and yourself? :D

best wishes marie