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Dr. Appt recommended pereoneal tendon surgery

Posted by matts on 9/02/03 at 21:34 (128632)

Mri shows lot of inflammation and dr is almost certain perieneal tendon is ruptured and have scheduled surgery, for now, on Sept 24th. I am concerned that I still have some pf and arch pain on some days, but the surgery is to fix the outside pain. Pain is mostly near ankle bone and at bone on side of foot, dr thinks mostly tendon cleaning and repair but may include anchor to bone if necessary.
The only thing I have not tried is 'casting', but I do not know what he meant by that, he said it would not work if tendon ruptured anyway. I called the office to ask about this.

He said I would be on crutches 4 weeks and then walking cast for a month or so and then should be able to walk. Interesting he said we are shooting for 75 to 80% improvement with this surgery.

I would appreciate any comments on experience with this type of surgery and suggestions on the recovery period or other treatments. Also, should I be worried about the remaining pf and arch pain because we do not really seem to be addressing that, unless it is related to all the other problems with the tendon. Thanks for any comments or assistance.

Re: Dr. Appt recommended pereoneal tendon surgery

BGCPed on 9/03/03 at 19:13 (128724)

Matt I recall talking to you about your orthotis,shoes etc. If you can post a pic of your feet standing on hard floor from front and back and a pic of your orthotics. In most cases peroneal is seen in cavus type foot. Sometime obvious one sometimes more subtle ones. With a plantarflexed 1st metatarsal and the wrong shoe and or orthotic it can aggravate it.

If you get the surgery or not get that checked out to make sure. You dont want to stress the repair when you get back in your regular shoes and daily activities.

Re: Dr. Appt recommended pereoneal tendon surgery

matts on 9/03/03 at 21:37 (128735)

It looks like surgery is going to be the only way to fix the tendon. I my visit the dr, watched the way I walked and said we would look at orthotics after surgery. Does cavus foot mean that a relatively high arch? I still have arch even with previous arch problems.

Re: Dr. Appt recommended pereoneal tendon surgery

BGCPed on 9/03/03 at 23:26 (128743)

Yes it does and many times it gets dismissed or called a low arch or pronator. I agree if it is damaged it cant repair itself but also if you get it fixed and start wearing the wrong fottwear or orthotics you can un-do what the dr repaired.