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Posted by Necee on 9/03/03 at 00:50 (128649)

This question is for the gals mainly...but you guys are welcome to answer too.
I was curious as to what you collect, are there any of you who collect anything in particular? Since I'm a country gal, I like decorating my home with 'country stuff'. I like just about anything country, and pertaining to farm life.
So, write and tell me what you enjoy displaying around your house.

Happy trails...


Re: ~~Collecting~~

CLCinNOLA on 9/03/03 at 07:53 (128655)

You know, I looked up 'hobbies' in a search engine a while back, because a friend at work asked me what my hobbies are and I had no answer. I thought I should have a hobby. But most hobbies seem to be either collecting things, or else arts and crafts (which don't appeal to me at the moment). So far, I don't collect anything although I will be interested to see what responses you get to this thread.

My new house (which I moved into a year ago Monday, do you believe it?) has quite a few mirrored alcoves, built in display cases, and such, for displaying collectibles. The question is, what should I collect and display in these places?

I don't collect anything! At least, not yet. I've been looking for something that might appeal to me, to collect. So far, all I have are books; 84 boxes of them, at the last count. But I don't consider that to be a collection as much as just the relics of a lifetime of reading.

I'd like to collect something that interests me and isn't too expensive, but I don't know what. Stamps bore me. Most of those little Hummel-like figurines don't appeal to me at all, and they are so expensive for what they are. I used to collect seashells, and had a huge collection but somehow my ex ended up with them. I don't really want to start over now, though maybe I could.

I definitely need to spend more time thinking on this.

Right now, in one of my display cases I have an XBT core. An XBT is an expendable bathythermograph, and the core is a small spool of copper wire, most of which went 1000 meters down into the ocean to measure temperature on a cruise I was on in 1993. That's not very picturesque (it looks like a piece of junk) but it brings back old memories of a great cruise and a significant XBT measurement at the center of a large eddy in the Gulf of Mexico. I also have some Mardi Gras beads in that display case, and a conch shell, and such, which are mostly placekeepers until I figure out what I want to put there. It would look a lot nicer with little figurines instead, if I ever found any that I liked even a little bit.

In my mirrored alcove, I just have some pretty glassware and crystal and plants, but I am definitely and actively looking for the perfect piece of statuary to put there. I haven't found it yet, but I am in no hurry and I know it is out there, sitting in an antique store somewhere just waiting for me!

Carole C

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Carole C in NOLA on 9/03/03 at 07:55 (128656)

That was me, Carole C. I accidently typed in the wrong screenname!

Carole C

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Sharon W on 9/03/03 at 08:05 (128657)

Sometimes a person doesn't even realize they've begun collecting something until someone else points it out to them. For example, a couple of days ago, in a hobby shop, we came across a magnet that looked like an old-fashioned (non-electric) expresso pot. I just HAD to have it... And my daughter said, 'Yes, Mamma, you can add it to your collection!'

Well, I knew of course that I kept an ample supply of magnets on the fridge, but that was the first time I'd ever heard anyone refer to it as a 'collection'. She was right, though, I often impulse-buy cute refrigerator magnets -- often enough to call it a 'collection'.


Re: ~~Collecting~~

JudyS on 9/03/03 at 09:30 (128672)

Necee, My two sisters and I share collections of pink depression glass and depression-era hammered aluminum.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Suzanne D on 9/03/03 at 10:14 (128678)

Necee, I collect Noah's Ark 'stuff'! I have several sets given to me through the years by different people. I have a large set which was a Christmas present and one which is a tiny tea set - with varying sizes in between. My favorite is a little rustic wooden set that has a pair of skunks! It's the only one I have that includes that animal. I like it because it is different and because three high school boys chipped in to buy it for my birthday one year. They were neighbors, and I had helped them with English homework and fed them supper quite a bit that year. They were so proud of getting it for me and kept telling me that 'It wasn't cheap!'

Suzanne :)

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Necee on 9/03/03 at 10:55 (128683)

So far so good !!
Judy it's funny you should mention hammered aluminum, I don't really collect it...but I just love the way it looks.

Suzanne, I should have known you collected Noah's Ark things, I have a cousin who likes that as well. My hubby and I made our little great-neice a Noah's Ark toy out of wood one year. It turned out so neat, the side of the ark had a drop-down walk plank, and we placed all the little wooden animals inside. Hopefully that is something she will cherish and pass on to her children someday.

Carole, collecting can be fun, interesting, and not expensive at all.
Just think about what sparks that inner spirit. I would guess that sea shells, maybe unusual rocks, or something to do with marine life, etc would be of some interest to you.

Sharon, there are lots of gals that collect fridge magnets, they are cheap and many of them are really pretty.

Thanks for responding, and keep on collecting !!!! Maybe that will help us get our minds off our feet.

Happy trails.....

Let us know if you come up with anything that interests you.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

marie on 9/03/03 at 11:14 (128687)

I collect Blue and White China from the 40's and 50's. Most is made in Japan but some is made in England.

I collect pop up books and other interactive children's books. I love books that allow me to investigate and explore in a physical way. I got a Frank Lloyd Wright pop up book for Christmas last year.

I wouldn't call it necessarily a collection but my hubby and I have been given a variety of negatives from different time periods. Some friends as they get older leave their negs to us. We have several different artists and photographers negs. Their pretty cool. I also look for old sketch books from artists. I have many turn of the 20th c. drawings.

My oldest son collects old Beatle's albums and 45s.

My younger son collects Star Trek memorablia. He has started buying autographed photos of the original crew.

My hubby would collect guitars but it's kind of an expensive hobby. I really think 5 guitars is enough. He does collect old magazines.


Re: ~~Collecting~~

Richard, C.Ped on 9/03/03 at 12:24 (128695)

I don't know about the other guys...but my wife is always asking me, 'why are you collecting all this crap?'...then she calls me a packrat.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Peter R on 9/03/03 at 13:10 (128698)

I collect the names of people I never want to have anything to do with ever again. I have a large collection and it's growing at a rapid rate. A goodly # of them are people that I have dinner with who develope arm paralysis when the check comes but who never had it when they were lifting their glass containing $100 a bottle wine.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Rick R on 9/03/03 at 17:30 (128716)

My lovely wife has begun to collect Itialian pottery in preparation for the new kitchen. Cripes, I haven't gotten past square one with fixing up the bathroom yet. She planted grape vines in the back yard, I'm in for it, I can tell. It's ok since this takes her/us to antique stores. I like old stuff, come to think of it she's getting up there too, and I'm still rather fond of her. I managed to date an old clock I have to the 1840's (she reads this that may be all I'm dating)while on a quest for some goofy piece of old clay. I have been trying to make a case for the clock having made the waggon trip from New England to Michigan, it looks like I was right. I know the spinning wheel made the trip but my grandfather destroyed it by trying to get the wheel to run along a rope between two barns. Not one of his better ideas but far from the worst. No where near as dumb as that thing with the cat on the aformentioned barn.

I'm in for a fight with my sister for a family spoon collection. These suckers go back to the time my family was flicking mashed potatoes at the French and their allies, our Native landlords (1757). I think I can take her cause she's getting pretty darned old herself. May hang her up there with the spoons. I still have that little detail of living parents to manage. Now my mother can still kick my rear, so I'll have to either wait a while, or get my sorry but in shape.


Re: ~~Collecting~~

Dr. Z on 9/03/03 at 19:11 (128723)


Want to have dinner. The diner is on Dr. Z Seriously.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

marie on 9/03/03 at 19:38 (128726)

Oops I forgot one thing that I love to collect is Santa Clauses. I usually buy a new one every year. I look for handmade but usually it's whatever strikes my fancy. I sculpt Santas, but haven't assembled one in a while. I have several heads and various body parts in the attic that I sculpted a few years ago so maybe this will be the year I take them out, paint and assemble one or two.

I'm glad you started this thread because I had completely forgotten about the Santa heads in the attic.

I have just about everything in my attic....I have a hard time throwing things out.

I also collect handmade ceramic mugs. I don't have a set just lots of different way out mugs.


Re: ~~Collecting~~

Necee on 9/03/03 at 23:02 (128741)

You mentioned Santas Marie, I have a small collection of snowmen that I enjoy displaying every winter. There are a few favorites that I keep out year round.
I also like anything to do with birds.
Marie, those blue and white dishes you are collecting, we call that particular pattern Blue Willow, is that what you have?

Happy trails...


Re: ~~Collecting~~

R C on 9/04/03 at 08:00 (128751)

When I was a child, I collected coins, stamps and rocks (primarily fossils and crystals). As I got older I realized that you could sink a fortune into coins and stamps (as well as seriously collectible rocks, such as gemstones) -- and never scratch the surface. I furthermore learned that even with ostensibly 'valuable' items such as coins and stamps, it's practically impossible even to break even financially as a collector, unless you become a dealer.

Therefore, now in my wiser old age, I collect logo golf balls of golf courses -- with the rule being that I have to play a course in order for their logo ball to make it into my collection. This is a 'self-limiting' process, being that once I play a course, I buy their ball only once; that might be a $2 or $3 hit. Plus, once I've maxed out on the local courses, I only get to add a ball by traveling. On a good year, that might be 3 or 4 balls.

I have a ball from the Old Course at St. Andrews (Scotland, the birthplace of golf), but it's not officially in my collection. This is primarily because I have never been to Scotland (gift from a friend). But even then, I figure I'd play so badly they'd throw me off the course.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Richard, C.Ped on 9/04/03 at 08:26 (128753)

Come on Peter....McDonald's is on me!!! (just don't supersize). haha

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Peter R on 9/04/03 at 09:02 (128756)

To: Dr. Z
Thanks for the dinner invite- but you're in Phila I believe and I once went to Phila and it was closed.
Actually I once lived on 'Sauder St'. in Phila when I was vey young.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

john h on 9/04/03 at 10:21 (128757)

R.C. as a collector of golf balls you will enjoy this story. I at one time flew HH 43 rescue helicopters. We spent many hours traning and of course we needed to find some chalenging things to do on these training flights. At our base (McConnell in Wichita,Kansas) we had a nice little golf course with the usual pond into which we all hit many a golf ball. I decided it would be very easy to just hoover over the pond at a few feet and have the paramedic use a golf ball retriever to get as many balls as we needed. The water was clear and relatively shallow so we got all the balls we needed on a regular basis. The Pro really did not mind and of course I improved my hoovering capability. We threw the cheap balls back. My buddy got mad one day while playing golf and threw his bag,clubs and all into the pond. The Pro retrieved them later that day before I could get to them and sold them back to him the next week after he had cooled down. We often had mixed pair tournaments where a guy and girl were paired up by drawing out of a hat. At each hole there would be some goofy way to tee of. You might have a baseball bat with a 4' high tee, a driver bent at a 45 degree angle, etc. the rest of the time you used your regular clubs alternating shots. Of course beer at every other tee..

Re: ~~Collecting~~

john h on 9/04/03 at 10:25 (128758)

Dumb me: While stationed in Iceland I accumulated a large collection of Hummel porcelin dolls as I was often in Germany. I had a girl friend who lived on the Cape at the time and sent her my 40-50 porcelin dolls. As usual with a 21 year old we broke up before I even got back and down the tubes went those Hummels. I would not even want to guess what they would be worth today. Should she have given me back those Hummels?????? I did not ask and I guess they were gifts so bye bye Hummels..

Re: ~~Collecting~~

john h on 9/04/03 at 10:29 (128759)

Richard that is what I say to my wife as I am one who tends to save very little and like it neat and tidy. Having moved around 27 times I could not afford to collect to much junk.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

john h on 9/04/03 at 10:31 (128760)

All this beats collecting wives or husbands and is sure less expensive.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Peter R on 9/04/03 at 10:31 (128761)

The little brain makes guys do stupid things. I wonder if ESWT would help the little brain think straight.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

JudyS on 9/04/03 at 10:50 (128762)

Necee - Didn't the Blue Willow pattern emerge far earlier than the 40's and 50's?

Re: ~~Collecting~~

marie on 9/04/03 at 11:12 (128763)

Yes, Most of my colection is Blue Willow. I like snowmen too. I don't have a collection but have a couple that I liek.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

marie on 9/04/03 at 11:19 (128764)

In answer to Judy's question. Yes. It is earlier and a little more expensive. That is why I started looking for later pieces as I have acquired enough blue willow. It's an inexpensive hobby collection. Plates range about $8.00 ea. When I started collecting Blue Willow I was paying about $2.00 per plate. It's around $10.-15. now. It's just interesting and fun to look for. I am sure there is no real value to any of it.


Re: ~~Blue Willow~~

Necee on 9/04/03 at 11:43 (128767)

Yes Judy, Blue Willow did emerge before the 40's, but there is so much of it......it's very easy to find, and not expensive at all. We sell lots of it at our auction, as a matter of fact we will have some tonight (Thurs). Our pieces come from England, last week we had several box lots that went for about $10 for the whole box!! Now that's a bargain.

Happy trials....and happy collecting


Re: Collections

Kathy G on 9/04/03 at 16:22 (128773)

Well, we're in the process of cleaning the cellar and my husband and I are both packrats but we don't have any collections of anything but junk! My son has every Sports Illustrated he's ever gotten (He's 29 and been getting it since he was about 9.) Interestingly, although he doesn't live at home, he stores them here, along with his baseball, football and basketball cards.

My daughter has an eraser collection, pin collection and a sticker collection she won't part with.

Everything is being put into a new plastic box unless it's being thrown away. I'm being ruthless. I ask myself, if I were moving, would I bother to move this with me? And if the answer is 'no,' out it goes.

John, I do have about five Hummels and I'd have more if they weren't so expensive. And if I weren't so clumsy. Mine are on a high shelf and get a feather dusting occasionally and that's it. I break something if I look at it the wrong way! And I do have a collection of Delft china but haven't bought any in years. Same with Belleek although my husband has added to that in the last couple of years. Again, I'm petrified I'll break it so it remains dusty and I admire it from afar!

I should collect something unbreakable and then I'd be all set! :))

Re: ~~Collecting~~

BrianG on 9/04/03 at 16:31 (128776)

DUST !!! :)

Re: ~~Collecting~~

VictoriaB on 9/05/03 at 11:35 (128859)

I collect quite a few different items. Some are cheap and fun to find, and some are more expensive, and fun to find.

One of the most fun collections I've ever worked on is Happy Meal toys, with my kids. You can find them at many sales and thrift stores, and believe it or not--it's actually a growing hobby/industry. There is even a big McD-collector convention as well as books devoted to HappyMeal toys. We started with Happy Meal Barbies, which took about a year to find every single one from every single year they've been produced. As we collected them and learned more about them, we discovered that there had been mistakes made in the production of some of them, so some are more rare (sacred to collectors) than others. We concentrated on Under-3 toys (mini replicas of FisherPrice) and some of the older sets. My kids have really enjoyed this hobby and have become great collectors themselves. They like showing off their collections to their friends, who are all pretty impressed even now that they are starting the teen years.

I have collected things for years, including rhintestone jewelry, teapots tins, pens, laces, Wilton cake-toppers and old cake-decorating books, sheet music, Golden Books, and in the past few years I've been acquiring a huge amount of ShinyBrite ornaments (my favorite).

My personal advice is to collect what appeals to you, and is something you can accommodate or live with--or be able to put away if you get tired of it.

Good luck.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Suzanne D on 9/05/03 at 18:24 (128892)

Hi, Victoria! I was interested to see that you collect sheet music. I play the piano as well as my two daughters. My mother also played the piano and organ, and she had a large stack of sheet music which I have inherited. Some of it came from my two great-aunts and includes songs from World War I. There are also quite a number of songs from World War II. I did not realize how many 'war-time songs' were written until going through her sheet music. It was a lesson in history and times gone by.

There was a very old book, falling apart, of very hard-to-play music. One Christmas after Mama died, I used our school Elison Press and punched out heralding angels from the old, yellowed music and strung a thin, gold cord through the top of each. They looked nice made from that, and I gave each of my aunts and my sister one for Christmas to use as an ornament and to remember my mother.

I enjoyed reading about what you collect.

Suzanne :)

Re: ~~Collecting~~

R C on 9/05/03 at 19:29 (128898)


You lead a rich and interesting life. And thanks for your service to our country.
As for goofy ways to tee off, I have enough trouble using a 3-wood, let alone driver.

Hardest shot I ever hit was in a tournament, I had a 135 yard par threeover water. Oh yes -- there were about 12 Hooters girls watching and cheering (Hooters was a corporate sponsor of the event). I was so terrified I could'nt feel my hands.


Re: ~~Collecting~~

Carole C in NOLA on 9/05/03 at 20:07 (128903)

Thanks for the advice, Victoria. Maybe I'll think of something special to collect. :)

Carole C

Re: ~~Collecting~~

john h on 9/06/03 at 09:01 (128943)

R.C.some years ago I played in a charity tournment sponsered By Bell Telephone. Ray Floyd played the 13th hole with each group passing through and we had a shotgun start with all of us starting on a different hole. Unbelievable my group started on the 13th. With all the TV stations rolling and hundreds of people all around I had to be the first one to tee off. My knees were wobble and I prayed to God I would not miss the ball. At that point I wish I was not even in the tournament. One of my partners was an already drunk lawyer.It was about a 140yd hole. I topped the ball and it rolled on the green. My drunk lawyer buddy almost hit the crowd and Ray Floyd hit one tight against the pin for a birdie. We all had our picture taken with Ray and he signed it for us. the next day some sob stole the picture out of my car. I had rather fly 100 mission over N. Vietnam than do that again. How those pros can hit the ball with thousands of people linning the fairway right off of the tee is beyond me. If a guy were to shank or toe one he could kill one of those bystanders.

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Dr. Z on 9/07/03 at 20:34 (129068)

Philadelphia has really changed. It open now

Re: ~~Collecting~~

Dorothy on 9/07/03 at 21:49 (129074)

Dr. Z ~ I enjoy your good will and kind of mischievous humor.