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ankle burning and tightness

Posted by LindaC on 9/04/03 at 20:24 (128792)

I broke my ankle six months ago, a simple fracture of the right femur that did not need setting, plates or screws. Prior to the fracture I was training for a sprint triathalon. Since coming out of the cast swimming and biking have not been a problem. However running has resulted in burning on the inside (opposite side of my ankle from the break) of my ankle that the PT at my gym said is probably posterior tibialis tendonitis. Non-steroidals pretty much relieve it, I have no limping, no problems walking, and I am only trying to run once a week (currently about 2 miles). It's not painful, just burns and sometimes a bit of swelling for a day after running. I stretch well before running and have been trying to stretch that muscle daily in particular. I've also been told I have low arches (although not flat feet). Would prosthetics help? I'm trying to do only enough running to be able to do a sprint triathalon in about 5 weeks (5k run). Will this amount of running hurt in the short term if I completely discontinue running once the tri is over?

Re: ankle burning and tightness

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/07/03 at 00:53 (129005)


The femur is the thigh bone so it is unclear where your ankle was broken.