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no news

Posted by JudyS on 9/04/03 at 22:50 (128817)

John and I elected not to go to the stage play we were scheduled to attend with friends tonight - the phone lines stay abuzz with information throughout the family as our brother-in-law is keeping us informed from Bill's neighborhood.

It's 9:00 PM and the SWAT team has been on site for several hours - still no change.

I'm supposed to go off to Michigan tomorrow for ten days....but that may mean my missing the boy's service. Although I suppose the authorities will hold on to him for awhile. Who knows.

Re: no news

wendyn on 9/04/03 at 23:01 (128818)

Judy - what a horrible situation. Take care and let us know what happens.

Re: no news

Necee on 9/05/03 at 00:42 (128819)

This must be a shock for you and your family Judy.
You've got my love, prayers, and support as you all go through this horrific ordeal.

Keep us informed as to what happens.


Re: no news

Kathy G on 9/05/03 at 08:28 (128840)


I am so sorry to hear this tragic story. When senseless tragedy strikes, words are of little use. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.