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dating a single millionaire in your area!

Posted by millionairelover on 9/05/03 at 03:09 (128821)

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Re: dating a single millionaire in your area!

Necee on 9/05/03 at 08:11 (128837)

Sorry fella, but I think you've come to the wrong place, most of us here are spoken for.

Happy trails...


Re: dating a single millionaire in your area!

Richard, C.Ped on 9/05/03 at 09:51 (128851)

Please forgive millionarelover...he did not know that I, the pedorthic millionare, was married already. Sorry girls.:))


Re: dating a single millionaire in your area!

R C on 9/05/03 at 19:21 (128896)

Funny thing. Between the time that my wife and I got married, and the time we had our first child, we put a lot of effort into getting our single friends matched up. For instance we had a lot of casual dinner parties at our home. We'd invite my golf buddies, a few her co-workers, a neighbor, a relative, someone from church, etc. Our success rate is approximately...zero. Turns out all the gals think they're too good for the guys, and vice versa. I wonder what that says about our society -- along with the post that started this thread!

Re: dating a single millionaire in your area!

Ed Davis,DPM on 9/05/03 at 19:26 (128897)

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