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To Judy~~~ Re: News

Posted by Necee on 9/05/03 at 08:18 (128838)

I just saw on the morning news where that guy shot himself, and the standoff is now over.
They said that the young boys friends who were with him and witnessed the whole thing are completely devastated, as one might imagine. The news reported that the father was angry over a custody battle, and that he had some money problems.
Judy, I will remember to keep you all in my prayers, as well as those young boys who saw their friend gunned down in cold blood. God bless them.


Re: To Judy~~~ Re: News

Kathy G on 9/05/03 at 08:30 (128841)

Thanks for the update, Necee. I was going to do a search as I didn't see any news this morning and I couldn't get that website to update to the news of the fifth. How sad and how traumatic for those kids. One can't even imagine.