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Speed of your internet connection

Posted by john h on 9/05/03 at 11:10 (128856)

Want to know how fast your internect connection speed is?


Re: Speed of your internet connection

Carole C in NOLA on 9/05/03 at 20:29 (128908)

A respectable 1143 Kbps. I guess Cox Cable is doing better than I thought.

Carole C

Re: mine is only 40 Kbps

Max K on 9/05/03 at 22:18 (128918)

I have a dialup connection with earthlink, and I'm running Windows XP Home, and XP always indicates that my speed is 52.0 Kbps, but I ran the test and it came to 40 Kbps the first time and 41 Kbps the second time.


Re: mine is only 40 Kbps

Kathy G on 9/06/03 at 09:58 (128948)

Mine is 670 Kbps. I have AOL DSL. The only problem I've ever had with it was when Verizon got that virus. It's really fast. I just love it.

John, this is a cool site. Are you still thinking about switching over to Comcast or was it AT&T? Come to find out, my daughter says that the AT&T that she used to have was bought out by Comcast. She actually only had a few down days in two years but she said the customer service people were really unpleasant. It must have been them because my daughter has a disarming way about her and people are seldom nasty to her.

She recently had to transfer her service when she moved and she was asking her customer rep about the switchover and she was told her that they are still essentially the same company but there has been some interior resturcturing. Now customer service people feel more a part of the company because of changes that have been made. She said that everyone who works there seems to be happy and the whole environment has changed.

Re: mine is only 40 Kbps

Ed Davis, DP on 9/06/03 at 11:35 (128959)

Thanks to good 'ol Quest, formerly US WEST, the limitation is often in the phone lines. My former 56K modem never broke about 27K due to the state of the phone lines in Puyallup. Finally gave up on our local Telco and went with an independent.

By the way, while I am no fan of big government, the City of Tacoma did an excellent job with it's Click Network of cable. It is my understanding that the overlayed new cable over the old AT&T cable. I use the Click Network for internet service at home and the service is phenomenal. They use resellers for their service -- I use Harbornet (based in Gig harbor) as the ISP. I will need to use the service mentioned to measure the speed but all I can say it is like lightning -- pages load at a blink of an eye. We pay about $35 per month, more than a dial up but it is worth it!
I don't watch TV so I would rather use the money that some would alot to TV cable or satellite to the internet.

Re: mine is only 40 Kbps

john h on 9/06/03 at 18:48 (128984)

Kathy: I have been watching my speed this week both at home and at work. Both have DSL. At home I am running in excess of 900kps most of the time which is plenty fast enough for me (sbcglobal.yahoo.net DSL). At work we use another provider and I rarely reach 400kps. Our price in Little Rock is $39.95 per month. Read a very good technical and comparative article in a computer magazine comparing Comcast Cable and DSL. They call it a draw but recognize that depending on where you live their can be some big differences. If you have DSL and are at the far end of the substation your speed will be slower. If your neighbors on your cable line are on line at the same time you are it can slow you down. Besides all this I have had my same email address for some years and would not like to go through advising all those who use that address.

Re: Speed of your internet connection

wendyn on 9/06/03 at 19:00 (128985)

1613. Guess that's pretty good.

Re: Speed of your internet connection

wendyn on 9/06/03 at 19:01 (128986)

Hmmm - now that I read the other speeds - I see mine is pretty fast.

How type A does it make me that I still think it takes too long?

Re: Speed of your internet connection

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/06/03 at 22:14 (128996)


The speed issue is related to the utility of the net. At 27kbps, I could look something up faster in a textbook or journal. At 144 kbps, I do a lot more research on the net.

A company recently proposed turning my office into a wireless office. Basically all patient charts would be computerized, stored on a server in Indiana. In order to be practical, I would need speeds of at least 386 kbps.

I prefer web based email because the webmail company can do the virus scans in house and that is true for most web based softwear. The people at Sun Microsystems used to use the slogan, 'the network is the computer.'
They have a point in that much of the apps we use could actually be online as opposed to being on our PC's. The companies owning the apps would constantly be updating them so we are not in the position to regularly upgrade softwear. I think that this model (ASP model) is the future but it is dependent on widespread fast and reliable connections.

I think that when people realize that they can do more with high speed connections, the value and utility becomes clearer.

Re: mine is only 40 Kbps

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/06/03 at 22:23 (128998)


The issue with cable slowing when there is increased use in an area is true but only true depending on the bandwith and connectivity provided by the cable company. In other words, it is not truly necessary for that slowing to occur. I had used AT&T cable at home and it literally slowed to less than dial up speeds during peak hours. The City of Tacoma came up with their own cable, Click Network. The Click Network maintains high speeds even during peak hours as they built their system with greater bandwith and a higher number of connections so that fewer households share a connection. AT&T used to call their service '@Home' but they also had a commercial division that was not well know called '@work.' That division, for a significant premium, over the home network would actually guarantee bandwith so no slowing occurred during peak times.
Cable, by its nature, being a larger wire can be much faster than telephone line if the cable company is willing to spend the money (and customers willing to pay for) the bandwith.

Re: Speed of your internet connection

BrianG on 9/07/03 at 19:10 (129059)

I had a feeling that I would win, ahh, I mean loose, with a snail like 29 kbps. I can't even use chat rooms, as it takes so long to type a new entry, the page has already refreshed!! Yep, that's my Microsoft Webtv toy! hahaaa