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Oh My Aching Doctor. Grrr.

Posted by VictoriaB on 9/05/03 at 12:12 (128865)

Three weeks ago my doctor sent me for some tests at the outpatient hospital on Monday. She'd have the results by Thursday and would call me on Friday.

So I waited. And waited. And waited. I finally had to call her office to inquire about the results, and waited two more days for someone to call me back to tell me something--anything.

The results show that I have 'mild neuropathy', and my doctor's earliest opening is in six weeks. LOL. Mid-October.

It's hard to wait, but then again---I don't know what the doc can do for me anyway. She is a GP, not a pod, and at this point I don't believe she's all that qualified to do much except send me to someone who is familiar with these symptoms. Sheesh.

Re: Oh My Aching Doctor. Grrr.

Sharon W on 9/05/03 at 13:12 (128873)


I'm sorry you've been through so much frustration with all of this! Believe me, I DO know what you've been going through... I have 'mild neuropathy' too.

(Isn't it great, to have it blown off as 'mild neuropathy'?! I'll bet if the Dr. could live in your body for a week, he/she wouldn't think it was so 'MILD'! But what that means is, it is mild compared to other cases of neuropathy... which isn't a very enouraging, thought, I know!)

Anyway, here are a couple of places full of info that I've found VERY helpful in learning more about neuropathy and what can be done about it:



For the first one I listed, the Harvard 'braintalk' neurology peripheral neuropathy forum, you can read the listings without being a member but must become a member if you want to post anything. For the second one, The Neuropathy Association, you must become a member in order to access their bulletin board or almost any of their more interesting info on peripheral neuropathy -- however, you can join for free and nobody will keep hitting you up for 'donations' afterward...

Check it out, I think you'll find it really helps to learn more about what you're dealing with... I know I did.


Re: Oh My Aching Doctor. Grrr.

BGCPed on 9/05/03 at 15:56 (128880)

One thing I would do that gets overlooked. Go get your foot measured properly and try to wear a running shoe is you can. Make sure your shoe has a nice square toebox with plenty of room

Re: Oh My Aching Doctor. Grrr.

VictoriaB on 9/05/03 at 21:57 (128916)

Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the information I get from you all. I'd be lost otherwise.

Re: Oh My Aching Doctor. Grrr.

john h on 9/06/03 at 09:07 (128944)

BG not only running shoes but regular shoes would benefit all with a wide toe box. I like SAS for this reaso.

Re: Oh My Aching Doctor. Grrr.

BGCPed on 9/06/03 at 10:25 (128951)

Your right John. I have seen more than few over the years that say they are getting tested for neuropathy and their toes are curled in the shoe. The numbness goes away when they take the shoes off