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costs of ESWT

Posted by Dennis M. on 9/08/03 at 07:31 (129103)

Understanding that such things vary, what is a typical cost of ESWT? My physician has billed the insurer slightly over $10,000.00, which may or may not be covered. I am of course concerned that if coverage is denied, I may be facing a substantial bill.

Re: costs of ESWT

Dr. Z on 9/08/03 at 13:00 (129143)

That is really high for ESWT. Is this the hospital charge etc included

Re: costs of ESWT

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/08/03 at 14:51 (129157)

The range of cost is very broad, depending on the technology used. For example, with Ossatron a surgicenter, anesthesiologist, surgeon and possibly the company owning the machine are billing -- 4 entities. With Dornier, it is 2 billers, usually the surgeon and the company owning the machine. With Sonocur, it is just the surgeon's fee.

Re: costs of ESWT

BrianG on 9/08/03 at 18:01 (129191)

Thats a lot of money Dennis! Were you cured?


Re: costs of ESWT

Dennis M. on 9/09/03 at 15:46 (129315)

Regrettably, no. I have noted marginal improvement but my anxiety level has increased markedly with the billing LOL. We shall see what the insurance company does with it. I still have some sore spots about the heal and the 'get out of bed' journey is still a bad way to start the day.

Re: costs of ESWT

Will B on 9/11/03 at 18:10 (129642)

I got a $4200.00 quote US dollars (both feet) cash- for Ossatron. Does this sound reasonable?

Re: costs of ESWT

Dr. Z on 9/11/03 at 20:40 (129657)

We do it for $3500 both feet and a retreat if needed. We use the dornier epos which my opinion and from the FDA studies is a better machine. Is your $4200 include the ASC and anesthesia charges or is that just the doctor fee?

Re: costs of ESWT

Dorothy on 9/11/03 at 22:08 (129669)

A retreat? Is this like a spa vacation after the ESWT? Now that's what I call taking the cure! :-)

(I know....you were meaning 'repeat'.)

Re: costs of ESWT

Will B on 9/11/03 at 22:20 (129675)

From what he said, it's all inclusive total -everything. However - no retreat. I also found out the local medical center does this on a cash basis using the same machine (ossatron).There are local podiatrists that use the dornier, but i would be willing to travel to someone whom i know is very experienced and has been using ESWT since 1999 such as yourself. I would be driving from Texas. So rental car and food by the time I add it all up would be pretty close, however, retreat is extremely enticing, and may be needed from what I hear, and in many cases is needed again to get better results. You may indeed be hearing from me. I have your emails from the site. So I will email before anything else shold I decide to drive to NJ.

Re: costs of ESWT

john h on 9/12/03 at 11:23 (129711)

Will: Southwest roundtrip Little Rock to BWI (Baltimore) was around $200 the last trip I made to Jersey. about a 2 hour drive to Dr. Z's from there. I would think out of Dallas it would not be much more. I actually made the trip in one day and had a double ESWT. Left Little Rock around 7am and back in Little Rock around 9pm.

Re: costs of ESWT

Will B on 9/12/03 at 13:34 (129719)

How about driving right after ESWT? Isn't it best to keep feet stationary for a day or two before you do anything?

Re: costs of ESWT

BrianG on 9/12/03 at 18:10 (129773)

Your right Will. I drove home after my treatments, it took me about 6-7 hours. I was hurting pretty good about that time, as the anesthetic was wearing off. Not to mention, your feet will be numb for 5-6 hours after the treatment. If I was traveling your distance, I would definatly think plane, especially if you can do it in one day. Don't forget, there are wheel chairs at airports, to make it even easier.

Good luck