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nightsplint question

Posted by Curt B. on 9/08/03 at 09:54 (129113)


I have been wearing nightsplints for about 38 days. Just wondering how long you have to wear them before you notice any difference? I don't have morning pain so I don't wear them for that reason just to help with pain in general.


Curt B.

Re: nightsplint question

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/08/03 at 18:51 (129195)

There is no hard and fast rule for the length of time to wear the night splints but I generally have two goals:
1)Achieve reduction or elimination of post-static dyskinesia (pain upon arising after rest). That may occur in as little as 2 to 3 weeks in some.
2)Increase ankle dorsiflexion in a patient with a tight gastrosoleus achilles complex. An average increase in ankle dorsiflexion of about 3 degrees per month is the goal with an end goal of about 15 degrees of ankle dorsiflexion.

Re: nightsplint question

Curt B. on 9/09/03 at 06:54 (129249)


Thanks for the response. My pain is actually less when I get up after resting or sitting. How do I measure my ankle dorsiflexion? Also I am stretching every day using the Step Stretch.