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My 2nd Accupuncture Treatment

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 9/08/03 at 12:22 (129131)

I found some relief in foot all week long from first treatment. 2nd Treatment, doctor was happy I still had soreness in foot from needle. This means he said that 'it is still working...you are still having healing'. Needle areas are sore but PAIN IS DOWN. Sort of like cortisone feeling, I swear.

This time around, he shoved BIG HONKING NEEDLE into inner ankle. It was like a sewing needle in thickness (well, it felt like that). It only hurt for an instant going in. The 2nd needle, put near front big toe, did not hurt at all going in.

Coming out, 2nd needle stung a tiny little bit but nothing too much since again, Accup. Guy is quick.

He is very into my feet 'such pretty feet! Very light [skin]. I must fix them! YOu should be very proud [of being pale]' I guess in China, having pale feet is something to be proud of but not in California! When I told him that, he said 'pah! That is stupid!' :D

CRacks me up that guy.

Re: My 2nd Accupuncture Treatment

Kathy G on 9/10/03 at 17:49 (129503)

Glad it went well, Melissa. And it's nice that he is not only knowledgeable but amuses you as well! :D

Are you continuing your other treatments; ie. rest, when possible, gentle stretching, icing? Or are you just doing the accupuncture thing?

As I said when you first posted, my sister-in-law claims it made a huge difference in her carpal tunnel syndrome.

Will your insurance pay for it, if you don't mind my asking?

Re: My 2nd Accupuncture Treatment

Mahatmelissama on 9/10/03 at 18:22 (129505)

Hi Kathy,

I am doing the following:
1) Wearing inserts my podatrist had prescribed for me (he made a cast of my foot)
2) Wearing only my Finn Comfort Sandals, even though I have another pair of shoes to break in (since they are sooooo comfortable)
3) Using massage device on foot whenever I am surfing the internet at home
4) Going to Massage Therapist once a month (may take that down to once every month and 1/2)
5) Trying to lose weight
6) Taking MSM
7) stretching sometimes
8) going to Chiropractor once a week for Physical Therapy
9) Accupunture

I am having some relief. I would say that the accuputure took my pain level down a couple notches on my left foot (the only foot I have had done).

Re: I have blue cross, I am not sure if accupt. covered (still checking into that) ;) eom

Mahatmelissama on 9/10/03 at 18:24 (129506)


Re: My 2nd Accupuncture Treatment

marie on 9/10/03 at 20:06 (129522)

Thanks for updating us. It sounds like your feeling a little better and having some fun too. I have thought about acupuncture but we live in a small community so I'm not even sure if there is anyone even practicing acupuncture.

The chinese value pale light skin. Especially on women. It's funny how people always value what they don't have.

Well please keep us posted.


Re: I have blue cross, I am not sure if accupt. covered (still checking into that) ;) eom

Kathy G on 9/11/03 at 08:00 (129571)

Thanks for sharing with us and may the relief continue!