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Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Posted by Kathy on 9/08/03 at 20:18 (129210)

My Dr. suggested a walking cast to help reduce the pain in my heel. This is the last conservative step before surgery. He mentioned that I would need to wear it for 3-4 weeks. I have some questions that I hope can be answered: Has anyone seen improvement after wearing a cast? Also would you recommend the removable cast or plaster cast? Will I be able to drive during this time period (right foot)? Thanks in advance for your replies & any other advice for me.

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Sue S on 9/08/03 at 23:55 (129238)

I am curious about your cast. My POD left me a phone message suggesting the a cast for me - I have an appointment on the 18th to discuss it. How long have you had the heel pain? What other treatments have you tried? Have you tried to custom orthotics?
Keep us posted and good luck!

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Nasim on 9/09/03 at 08:48 (129258)

Kathy, before surgery I tried every coservative option including cutom orthitics and walking cast. Nothing worked and I ended up having surgery on 07/02/03. I am recovaring slowly.

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Kathy on 9/09/03 at 16:51 (129323)

I've had the heel pain off & on for 6 years. My left foot is much better & the right foot is much worse! The first treatments were taping, night splint, physical therapy & exercise. Since then I've had cortisone shots, rigid orthotics, Bextra medication. The right heel is actually much worse this past month. My Dr. thinks I could have a Tarsal Tunnel problem along with the PF. I'm an elementary teacher & have to be able to stand & walk at least 8-9 hours each day at school. My app't for getting the cast is Sept. 19 & I'm looking forward to trying anything before surgery.

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/10/03 at 22:28 (129541)

Casts can be effective especially if they are applied in fashion that holds the plantar fascia in a position of minimal tension.

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Kathy on 9/11/03 at 22:20 (129676)

Would you recommend a plaster cast or a removable boot type cast? (I will still be teaching & driving to work.) I would like the most effective type of cast available. Thanks!

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/12/03 at 22:17 (129807)


I feel that a molded cast either out of plaster or fiberglass (stronger and lighter than plaster) is far superior to the removable boot cast. The molded cast allows the applier to manipulate the foot into the optimal position of minimal plantar fascial tension and hold that position.

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Kathy on 9/13/03 at 11:19 (129854)

Thank you for the information. I'm so hopeful this will be a solution.

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Stacey on 9/13/03 at 17:47 (129884)

Hi Kathy
Just saw your post. I also have TTS along with PF in my right foot and spend many hours on my feet at work.
I am in a cast (fiberglass) for the next month as resort before another surgery-wow my foot feels 100% better and it has only been a few days. I am very interested in hearing about your results with the cast.
I have had surgery on both feet and two Ossitron treatments on right foot, and have just developed TTS in last couple months. I am in more pain then ever-at least before the cast. But am afraid pain will quickly come back when I get back on my feet.
I have tried everything I think-the removable walking cast did nothing for me. My new doctor is telling me the real cast is the only way to go. No you cannot drive-it really stinks and the crutches are hard to get used to but I think it is worth it-surgery is hell!
Good Luck!

Re: Walking Cast for Heel Pain

Janice W on 10/01/03 at 17:52 (131877)

I too have just finished wearing a hard cast for 6 weeks--with no improvement for my heel pain.What type of surgery did you have???My doctor today suggested surgery with a complete release of the fascia but I don't think I want to do that--I'm considering Ossitron.Did you ever try that???
Two years ago I had the other foot operated on with a partial release and that foot is a lot better now.