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Heal Surgery Question

Posted by Jeff on 9/09/03 at 04:56 (129242)

I have a small growth above my left heel at the bottom of the Achillies tendon. Not sure what the medical name is for it. The doc said they could go in a scrap it away. The would not cut the Achillies Tendon but would have to go in around it. He said the I would have to stay off my foot for four weeks after the outpatient procedure and a few weeks after that of a soft cast. Is this accurate? I can't believe it would take that long. He said that people that don't stay off it can affect the tendon for life after that.

Re: Heal Surgery Question

BGCPed on 9/09/03 at 06:39 (129245)

Have you tried different footwear thats fit properly and is larger, padded and roomy. Sometimes they can be caused by skates, cycling shoes or dress shoes that are too tight. Just a suggestion. SOmetimes abnormal foot motion and or tight shoe can cause this. If it is that small does it hurt bad?

Re: Heal Surgery Question

Jeff on 9/09/03 at 18:21 (129344)

I'm wearing the same boots and shoes that I wore before the foot pain. The pain is not that great but the Doc said usually these things get bigger but not always. He did say that if scraped off, the chances of it coming back were nil. So it's not that bad but in the military now, they will do it with no cost, and I have a better set up to recooperate than when I go home. I want to make sure I do this because it's needed too and does not have any side effects that will make it worse.

Re: Heal Surgery Question

BGCPed on 9/10/03 at 06:50 (129409)

Just my 2cents If you wore an open back sandal for the last few years you wouldnt have it. They are a result of pressure, shearing and something rubbing against your heel. I dont understand the fact that he said they can get bigger but if you take it off it probably wont come back? 90% of high level hockey players and figure skaters have them. They were also called pump bumps a while back.

That was due to ladies wering high pumps/heels that would rub on the back of the heel. Poor foor function can also contribute to it. Maybe Dr Z or Dr Ed can add to this