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How serious is minor foot pain?

Posted by Aly on 9/09/03 at 13:19 (129290)

Hi Dr.'s,

My boyfriend is complaining of occasional discomfort/pain in his arch. His job of 9 months requires that he walk a lot each day, on pavement. Despite this, and my history of severe PF, he tends to wear the cheapest shoes he can buy.

When I look at his foot, I think he has a high arch, but I'm not sure. We tried a cheap OTC insert, but that actually made his foot worse. The discomfort comes and goes, and does not interfere with his activities.

With my history of PF it would be easy for me to blow this out of proportion; am I right to be so concerned? Are his symptoms, currently minor, an indication that he should definitely be seen by a doctor asap before it becomes something worse (it would be very difficult to persuade him to go) or should I just spend my efforts persuading him to buy good shoes? I'd like to pick my battle wisely ;)

Any comments / suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated.



Re: PS. Re: How serious is minor foot pain?

Aly on 9/09/03 at 13:44 (129293)

In case it's relevant, I've also noticed that his shoe wear-pattern is pretty much the same as mine (I've been told I have very high arches) - the outer heel area wears first...

Re: PS. Re: How serious is minor foot pain?

Bonnie D on 9/10/03 at 10:32 (129434)

As someone who started out with 'minor foot pain' I say DON'T IGNORE IT. But he is an adult and you shouldn't be his mother. Have him read this board and website. Maybe it will help if he hears it from alot of other people.