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New to Board

Posted by Bonnie D on 9/09/03 at 16:57 (129325)

You all have probably had this wonderful feeling when first finding this board - yes! Other people know what I'm going through! I have had foot problems for 20 years. Gone through podiatrists and chiropractors, orthotics, as well as acupuncture, rolfing, reflexology, and various Korean, Chinese, etc. therapies. My last podiatrist just told me on Fri that he couldn't do anything for me, and I found this board on Sat. Although it would have been nice to discover a 'magic bullet' it sure helps to find a support group. and I have already gotten alot of help. First, I was doing exactly what people have said is the worst thing for my feet, ignoring and 'working past the pain'. I didn't want to give in to my feet and let them run (ruin) my life. So I've made a commitment to stay off the feet except for necessities this month, as well as ice and stretch. I'll be spending alot of time on the computer, probably on this message board. Thanks to everyone here, and special thanks to Scott. Wish I had found you years ago.

Re: New to Board

marie on 9/09/03 at 17:23 (129330)

Welcome Bonnie,

I hope that you can recuperate in a timely fashion. The best folks in the Universe post here and now you are one of them.

best wishes, marie

Re: New to Board

Kathy G on 9/09/03 at 18:11 (129337)

Hi Bonnie,

Ah, the old, 'Work through the pain' routine, huh? Or, 'I have a friend who had PF and he got over it in a month.' Or better yet, 'If you just get orthotics (or a cortisone shot or a particular shoe), it'll go away'.
Yup, we've all heard it, and then some!

Welcome! I'm sure that you'll find some new friends here. And I surely hope that the rest helps you. I take it you've read Scott's Heel Pain Book? If so, then you know all you need to know, or at least as much as the rest of us! Stretch gently, rest and ice. And relax with a good book or movie and occasionally come by and peruse the boards and join in!:)

Re: New to Board

Suzanne D on 9/09/03 at 21:48 (129389)

Bonnie, welcome to the board! Please know that many of us do understand your relief in finding others who truly understand!

Read and ask questions, and you will find understanding, information, and moral support. This place has been a life-saver for many.

Best wishes,
Suzanne :)

Re: New to Board

Necee on 9/10/03 at 00:56 (129398)

Welcome Bonnie, if you're looking for support, friendship, or someone to lean on...well, you've come to the right place.

Best wishes as you take this time to get that foot pain under control.
Keep in touch.

Happy trails to you......


Re: New to Board

Sandra D on 9/12/03 at 22:49 (129813)

Bonnie, I know just how you feel. When I found this web site I felt like I had a found a friend. I learned so many things when I read the Scotts book. The information you will learn on this site is very helpful. Try to visit everyday so many poster have interesting information. Blessings
Sandra D